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Here is a link to my entire experience with the Simpson oil  My Experience With Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil, RSO, does it all for me now. There is no need for smoking bud if you have RSO, especially quality RSO made with good buds. Here is a link to my RSO Vaping experience blog at MMMA. I have other blogs here you may also find useful.  My Experience with Portable Vaporizers

E-Cannabis Oil

Most importantly, be safe when making the oil. Make sure you do the rice cooker part outside, well ventilated, with a fan blowing the fumes away. I like to use one of those metal splatter screens for cooking so bugs and dust do not get into the cooker. I only recommend a rice cooker.

I made two separate batches using the same bud material. The first quick wash is the lighter colored oil on the left, which is higher quality oil. Then I washed the material again with a longer soak time, which produced darker oil on the right.

I put a flashlight behind the syringes to show the color difference and how transparent the oil is.

After doing this multiple times, I prefer to do two quick washes for my highest quality oil, then a completely separate for lower quality oil.



When treating cancer, I would recommend doing all three washes for the same oil. I only did this for experimental purposes. Three quick washes out of the same material is just fine for treating an illness, that is what I would recommend. For making e-cannabis oil, I recommend only using the first two washes because the taste is just so good.

Here are links to the items people often tell me they cannot find. It is very important to use the right supplies.

Rice Cooker:

Coffee Mug Warmer

Splatter Screen:

10mL Dosing Syringe:





1mL Dosing Syringe:

99% Isopropyl Alcohol:







Syringes: 1CC=1mL=1 gram that is the way I see it.

190 proof alcohol: Safe to drink, as long as you don’t drink too much! This is grain alcohol and even grape alcohol, a good safe alternative to using the 99% isopropyl alcohol. I haven’t tried it yet, but plan to.

190 proof Everclear: Many stores will not ship to some states, you may have to arrange to pick up

192 proof Polish Vodka:  (Many stores will not ship to some states, you may need to arrange to pick up).

UPDATE: for a more safe solvent I prefer using 200 proof ethanol (Extractohol) I really like this product and prefer it over grain alcohol. The only downside using the more safe alcohol, some strains can become putty. If that happens, dilute it and filter through paper coffee filters and in future batches avoid that strain when using grain alcohol. Additionally, they are not allowed to ship to some states due to local laws, similar to the 190 proof alcohols.

About three years ago, maybe a little more I saw that Rick Simpson video Run From the Cure. I had been growing high quality for over a decade before seeing the video. I didn't really believe the video that the oil was as potent as was claimed. That is what peaked my interest at that time.

I didn't believe or put much thought into it killing cancer. I just took that as BS. So I made the oil, I had the extra buds, no big deal. Then I took a dose just like the video recommended and I could not believe how potent it was. I had never saw or had anything like it coming from cannabis.

At the time I was running a Compassion Club. I knew of a cancer patient that would come to the meetings. After seeing how potent the oil was, I thought that maybe the claims in the video were true and the oil can kill cancer. The patient had been battling his cancer for about 10 years at that time. The doctors wanted him to go through yet another round of chemo and possibly radiation too. He wanted an alternative to those options.

I asked him if he wanted to give the oil a try. He said absolutely yes. Everything the medical system had tried to that point had failed. So we used the treatment regimen as described in the video. I used my best buds from my crop. Six months of treatment, he went back to the doctor for a checkup. They could not find any cancer. The giant tumor on his chest was completely gone. They ran blood work and a scan. He was confirmed cancer free.

It has been a good two years almost three since. He takes small maintenance doses. He is cancer free and has been enjoying life now with his family not having to spend the holidays in the hospital getting another two to three months of treatments.

I couldn't believe it. I really did not expect it to work. Many others could not believe it either. Whether it was the oil or a strong faith in God, it is the truth, the man had confirmed tumors in a scan, took the oil for 6 months at one gram per day, and a new scan showed no signs of cancer.

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