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Aug 07 2014
ooks like I am done dealing with Wine Chateau. They sent me the wrong brand when it came to the polish vodka. They admitted that they do not purchase their products directly from the bottler but use a wholesale distributor, or in other words, middle man. So who knows where the bad Everclear came from? I call it the way I see it, can't help it. The wholesaler is probably trying to push off imitation stuff. The economy has not quite recovered yet and finances are tight.

I had brought this to the attention of Wine Chateau as well:

    "I also noticed that on the same order, the 192 proof polish vodka is not what was pictured. I was expecting Polmos, but the brand label says Bak's."

Here is the response from Wine Chateau.

    "We get this item from our state approved wholesaler named Allied Beverages who supplies to us.

    This is the correct picture Palmos Vodka Spirytus for a long time and we have not changed it recently. We can send you a prepaid return label if you do not want Bak's."

I had also received a reply from Luxco (Everclear). Funny how they do not wish to discuss in writing.

    "I received your communication through our website.  I have talked to our owner and he would really appreciate it if the two of you could discuss over the phone.  His name is D____ Lux and his cell is XXX-XXX-XXXX"

I don't feel comfortable discussing it on the phone I prefer e-mail to have it in writing. I replied back that he is more than welcome to call me.

I will report back on any additional correspondence or if Mr. Lux decides to call me.

Aug 08 2014
Just spoke with one of the owners of Luxco and they are taking the incident very serious. I must give them credit for that. Still, I am not comfortable using the 190 Everclear.

They did state that it could be something with them or a distributor. I provided them with the lot number from the bottle so they could begin their investigation.

They asked what could they do to make it right. I simply told them they have nothing to offer me except to make them aware and hopefully look into it, and let me know of the outcome of the investigation.

If I hear the outcome, I will share it here.

Aug 10 2014
The Luxco Director of Corporate Research and Development replied back with the following:

    I had our Quality Control Department pull all the records for this batch, which was produced on January 20th of this year.  We looked at the laboratory records from this batch and everything was fine.  The bottle proof of this production run tested at 190.004 proof.  We also keep a retain sample from each individual batch we produce and it was absolutely fine in terms of aroma and taste.  Each batch also goes through an organoleptic panel comparing the batch sample to a standard in terms of taste and aroma.  This was also found to be fine and comparable to the standard.  We found nothing out the ordinary in any aspect of this run.  Again, we are sorry for your recent experience with Everclear.

I will not know 100% if what they have told me is true. If it is true, then the problem lies between the wholesaler or Wine Chateau. It does give me a bit more confidence in the Everclear though. I have never even heard of a problem with Everclear aside from my recent incident with Wine Chateau.

The main reason I posted all of this is I would hate to see someone else go through something similar.

As soon as i receive my order of the 192 proof polish vodka the testing will resume. Sorry for the delays.

Aug 17 2014
Back to extracting
192 proof Polish Vodka 8-16-14 0111oz SBC 192 proof solvent 8-16-14 012

I have not done many QWET extractions. This is my second time during the summer. This time things went more normal since the alcohol was authentic.
SBC QWET oil purging 8-16-14 019

Evaporating off the solvent was more of a problem during the summer due to the humidity. The QWET can be more tricky than doing a QWISO extraction (iso).

Here you can see water accumulating in the purge pan while the alcohol is evaporating. It starts around the outer edges. This is normal. There will be quite a bit more water than what is shown here before it is done. When I did the extraction withe the bad Everclear it was not like this, that is why I knew something was not right.
SBC QWET oil purge-water 8-16-14 018

I only did an ounce of Strawberry Cough on this run using the frozen extraction method. I only took pictures of the low grade oil. I ended up with 1.5 grams of low grade oil and 4 grams of premium oil. I poured the premium oil right from the pan into a 1 dram vial, which equals about 4 grams. There wasn't any left to take a picture (oops!). The color of it was different than all of my previous extractions. It came out dirty, but clean as well, I will explain.

After air drying in the pyrex dish, this goes for both the low grade and high grade, they looked a little dirty to me so I added more alcohol and filtered it though a paper filter into a purge pan. (Actually I filtered it after putting it into the purge pan because I saw how dirty it was).

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