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Aug 19 2014 01:54 PM
gg, getting ready to do a QWET extraction with new bud. Wondering if when you have the time if you would review my summarization of your instructions. Please note any errors or misunderstandings.

1. Good quality, bone dry buds
 ? do you just air dry the buds? My buds are in jars with a Boveda 62% RH pack. How do you tell when they're dry enough?

2. Place in mason jar - stick in freezer for a min. of 48 hours
3. Place solvent (190+ ET) in mason jar - stick in freezer for a min. of 48 hours.
4. Quickly pour solvent over dried buds about half way and shake.  Buds should crumble. Shake for about a minute.
5. Pour into wire mesh strainer over bowl.
6. Put bud material back in jar, add fresh solvent, and shake again. Process two additional times (total 3).
 When you say "high quality" vs "low quality" do you keep the washes separate for the filtering/evaporating steps?

 What do you do with the filtered sediment? Is it usable?

7. Filter through a metal mesh or paper coffee filter.
8. Move to a pyrex baking dish.
 I'm assuming this should be covered with cheesecloth to keep unfriendlies out.

9. Use no heat. Use a breeze or low fan.
10. If white foam shows, add some more solvent and stir
11. Transfer the mixture to a metal cup, tip the cup slightly and let a fan blow over it. Cover with paper coffee filter.
12. Let evaporate until the concentrate is a think sap.
13. Move the sap into brown vials. May need to use a heating mat to liquify the sap slightly to suck it up.
14. Store in the dark for 90+ days.

I have all of your various "colored" comments, but left them out to keep this short. I believe I have the gist of it (the process) but would appreciate your review before I begin. Thxs!

Aug 20 2014
I wonder if your kief was somewhat already naturally decarbed before you made the oil with it. If I remember correctly, you received the kief from a friend. I wonder how old the buds were before the kief was made. How old was the kief. All very interesting. Maybe that is why it decarbed so quickly, maybe not...

I have come across a putty for my first time. It was from a QWET run without paper filtering. If diluted with alcohol then filtered with a paper filter it will come out cleaner looking and be like a sticky sap.

1. As dry as you can get them is when they are dry enough. The more dry the buds are the more quickly they will break apart when shaking in the solvent. Then that is the more quickly you can get the solvent drained off of the buds. In effect, less chlorophyll and high amounts of medicinal properties.

I simply air dry my buds. It is much easier in the winter especially since we burn wood for heat and it is a very dry heat.

3. I just put the whole bottle of the 190+ proof grain alcohol in the freezer.  A nice thing about the 750mL bottles of the grain alcohol vs. the pint plastic bottles of the 99% iso is the glass grain alcohol bottles help to keep the solvent cold.

6. The third and/or fourth rinse I like to keep separate from the first 1 to 3 rinses. I like to try to get the most out of my material. When I am finished with a jar and all done extracting, I will keep the bud material in the jar, seal it, then flip it upside down. Every 5 or 10 minutes, I will crack it open and allow it to drip into the lower quality batch. I will do that 3 or 4 times so I can get as much of the solvent out. It will have more chlorophyll and that is why I keep the last batch separate.

As for the filtered sediment. Well, I don't know yet. It may be worth using. I have been allowing it to dry out and have been saving it in a small jar. (just started doing this).

8. I prefer this for QWET, keeping in mind I do not have much experience with QWET. I prefer to just use the reusable coffee filter, no need for cheesecloth, knowing I will be using a paper filter later in the process. What I do is when I believe all of the alcohol is evaporated and there is only water left, I will pour the water off into the lower grade batch. I will then allow it to finish air drying. Dilute it with a small amount of fresh alcohol, then pour it through a coffee filter right into the purge pan. NO HEAT. Then I will have the fan blow on the purge pan. If it is going to take more than a day, I will put a coffee filter over it and secure it with a rubber band.

I will do the same with the lower grade batch. I pour the water off the lower grade batch into a small pan. I will recover that later with some alcohol. It makes a big difference on cleaning up both batches with the QWET, at least it did for me on my last two runs. I still got a good amount of oil. I haven't really tried the premium oil that I made from the QWET yet, but I must say, the batch I made with Strawberry Cough is the best looking yet. I have not tried it yet.

10. I just allow the white foam to build up and pour it off once it seems all of the alcohol has evaporated. As noted above. Most of the good stuff puttys up.

I was able to pour my last sap from the purge pan into the vial. I used a mini spatula to help it along. Way too thick for a syringe. It is being stored now and I hope 90 days will do it.

Yes, I believe you have the gist of it.

With 99% iso, I have never had to deal with water issues, there was so little it would evaporate. I usually make my oil during the colder months so the extra water with the QWET could be based upon the air humidity.

Aug 26 2014
Ok, made my first batch of QWET yesterday! Here's a recap. I followed your instructions the best I could. I did two washes and then a third and fourth that we're kept separate. I allowed each batch to settle and poured off the good stuff leaving as much sediment behind as I could. I combined the sediments and put that in a dish to evaporate. More on this in a bit. I put the high and lower quality extracts in separate baking dishes, covered loosely with cheese clothe to keep out debris, bugs, etc. and directed a fan across the dishes. This morning, the sediment bowl was completely evaporated and what was left was very similar to the "putty" that I mentioned before doing a QWET using just Keif. This product looked like a high quality, sandy colored, dry hash. Just enough moisture to press into cake. The high quality extract still had liquid floating on top, but the sides of the dish were coated with a thick gooey, almost like taffy substance that I could not scrape off and had to use some ET to dissolve it. (Pic attached) The low quality, had a milky substance on the surface that I poured off. I tasted the liquid and it seemed to be mostly water. There was no liquid that I could discern on the surface of the high quality extract, though it smells heavily of alcohol. Both had sediment which I tried to separate and which I've put in a separate evap dish. I thought about filtering through a paper coffee filter, but wanted your advice first. I'm confused because there doesn't seem to be much if any "oil". It's just very liquid and as it drys, (I'm assuming its resin that's drying to the surface of the dish). Having said this, the pic of the darker extract looks pretty oily, but up close not so much. Gg, having trouble posting the pic. It's in my medmanmike album if you know how to get to it. I'll keep trying.


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