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Feb 22 2015
I notice when I was reading about the frankincense it has terpenes. They make high note that certain terpenes are capable of passing the blood brain barrier which makes them special. Passing the blood brain barrier, the way I take it, means it will continue to flow through the bloodstream for a longer period because it doesn't get stuck. This is coming from an ignorant view, I don't yet have a full understanding. For example: they claim that THC passes through the blood brain barrier. I agree, but also disagree, because when I smoke pot, oil, or vaporize bud or oil, I don't believe it is passing through the blood brain barrier. The reason why is because I only get a 2 to 4 hour buzz. If I smoke twice as much it does not make the buzz last any longer. However, when I eat the oil, I get a 24 hour buzz and if I increase the dosage, I can get up to a 72 hour buzz. Is the heat from vaping or smoking causing damage to the THC to where it can no longer pass through the blood brain barrier? Or, is it possible that the heat is destroying terpenes and the THC can't pass through the blood brain barrier when the terpenes are destroyed due to the heat? I wish I knew. I read an article of why the buzz lasts longer eating the oil vs. smoking. I have to disagree with the article. I believe it was written by a scientist. They mention that it is because the oil goes through the liver and enters the bloodstream differently. Where smoking causes it to go through the lungs and enters the bloodstream differently. Basically the difference is digestion vs putting it directly into the bloodstream through smoking. I disagree with that for a couple of reasons. Like when using suppositories. When I take a dose of ND Sap, I just let it dissolve under my tongue so it is going through my bloodstream through tissue or sublingual. What has really made me start thinkging of these questions and doubting other answers I have read is, because of the experience I have had with the ND Sap oil containing a large portion of terpenes, if not all. Why does that oil stay in my bloodstream twice as long or the buzz last twice as long? I believe it is narrowed down to 1 or 2 reasons. Terpenes that can pass through the blood brain barrier assist the THC or it is because of the no heat process, the THC has seen no heat whatsoever. I am leaning to the terpenes due to one of my test results on making the QWISO with no heat then winterizing with grain alcohol. Yes, it made the buzz different after it naturally decarbed. Yes, it made it more potent from the winterizing, but it did not allow the buzz to last twice the length even though it was not heated. It is really too bad our government prevents us getting together and getting the answers. They are intentionally stopping progress when it comes to our health. Such as, food labeling, pretty much everything on the label is worthless and meaningless to me. Like the saturated fats. Some saturated fats are good for you and others are bad. The label does not specify what type of saturated fat is present. Plant fats vs. animal fats, there is a big difference between the 2. Like coconut oil for example. It is high in saturated fat, but it is a good form and passes through the body more quickly than animal fat. Also, salt or sodium, they pump it into our heads that it is bad for our bodies, causing heart problems, that is only half true. Half truths to me are lies, deception. Pink Himalayan salt, I believe is good for you. I exceed the daily allowance intentionally, I like my pink Himalayan salt.  It is full of essential minerals and naturally has iodine. Also, it has not been refined which removes many of those essential minerals. Many people have a deficiency in mg. I think the best way to get your mg is through pink Himalayan salt. Too bad when I go to a restaurant they don't offer the pink Himalayan salt. Pink Himalayan salt is a sea salt that has been mined out of the mountains and has additional minerals compared to sea salt because it is aged and has gained more minerals. It is a lot more potent that the typical sea salt. This is what I mean by the food labeling being worthless. It is deceiving and causes us to believe that the healthy forms of salt and fats are bad for us. Without it, I believe we have deficiencies and are more prone to sicknesses. Read for yourself about Pink Himalayan salt.

When I stared looking for it, I found it at my local Meijer store and it is affordable too! It is almost like they want us to have deficiencies and be mislead.

Another example why I plan to educate myself about essential oils.

Feb 23 2015
HI gg, sorry I haven't gotten back to you recently.  Real busy right now as we're leaving for Costa Rica on Wed for two weeks.  I'm in week 7 of flower and working on getting things set up for my helper to take over.  The helper is my son, who is on the verge of getting a job in Nashville, so he may be leaving while we're gone, so I need a back up for the back up!

There will be a lot of downtime on the beach so I may be able to give you a thoughtful response while I'm gone.

Feb 23 2015
I have had some feedback from someone I trust that the KleenXtract (200 proof ethanol) is much like 99% iso when it comes to the evaporation. That should solve our water problem, at least during the humid months, considering we are not using any heat.

Like you, I have been too busy to do any experimenting. It has been a rough winter that's for sure!

You have fun out there on the beach while I am here stuffing my wood stoves and shoveling snow! LOL  Oh, and working on my grow with a broken back!! (Not really broken, just very sore)

Take care and be safe!

Mar 24 2015
Well, I finally began the comparison with 192 proof polish vodka vs. KleenXtract.

I don't think I will be using drinkable grain alcohol anymore. I am really liking the 200 proof. I can't stand water being in my product. It is a pain to deal with. The 200 proof KleenXtract seems to have solved that problem. It makes my product 100% organic. I haven't sampled it naturally decarbed yet, but going by the looks, there is no comparison, KleenXtract is the way to go! If it cost a few extra bucks, I am more than happy to pay it, especially if I am using my top notch buds.

I just recently took a few doses of RSO. It has been about a year since I have taken any. Now that I have compared it with the RSO having been out of my system completely, I do prefer the natural decarbed oil. It is much more comfortable of a buzz and suits me much better. For other people, that may not be the case. Now that I tried RSO again, it seems to cause me a lot of anxiety. When I was taking it everyday for so many years I was used to it. Now that I have fairly compared each, I am going with the natural decarbing. Also, now that I have compared high proof grain alcohol with 200 proof KleenXtract, at this time I believe I will be sticking with KleenXtract. I will not know for sure until the product has naturally decarbed though.

It appears that the KleenXtract has solved the water issues that were a problem for me as well as a few other things. That is just going by looks at this point.

200 proof left-192 proof right 3-24-15 025foamy water line on 192 proof on right 3-24-15 035192 proof left 200 proof right 3-24-15 029
200 proof left-192 proof right 3-24-15 032200 proof left-192 proof right 3-24-15 033


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