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Jul 30 2014

    GrowGoddess, on 20 Jul 2014, said:
    All I can do is give my opinion on that. I have not handled Kief Hash. Also, I have only done this once so far.

    Take a small sample of your kief and see if it will dissolve in 190 proof or higher grain alcohol. If it will dissolve without heat (weather or not it dissolves may not matter, not sure) anyway, I would dilute it with the alcohol and run it through a coffee filter. Let it evaporate and see what happens.

    If it works, you can always put the kief in a small jar with some of the grain alcohol. Shake it up real well as if it were buds. I have seen other people use kief to make RSO because that was all they had. They ended up with a nice oil product. I was not able to sample it, but the color looked real good.

    You may want to just try one gram. It sucks to have to wait 90 days, but I think it will work.

gg, I gave this a try today.  Here is what I did and the results.  I took 1 gr of the Kief and 2-3 oz. of Everclear 190.  Shook it around and then let it air dry/evaporate.  I can't say that it dissolved the kiev as there was sediment left over, though it did break it down.  (Probably should have tried shaking it longer maybe?) The result is more of a "putty", i.e. wood putty, than a tar.  I've attached a pic, though it doesn't really show what it's like.  I got about tsp of the resulting product.  Now, what to do with it? Eat it? Vape it? Let it sit for 90 days??   What do you suggest from here?


Jul 30 2014
Thanks for reporting back, it is really interesting. Kind of surprised it turned to a putty, but I have never really heard any feedback doing what you did.

The other people heated it up in a rice cooker when the alcohol was added, then purged it in a purge pan on a coffee mug warmer. I see that yours is the same color as theirs.

Since you didn't use any heat, try my new method. That would be storing it sealed for 3 or 4 months then try to eat a small amount and see. Check at 3 months then again at 4 months, unless you are fully satisfied at 3 months.

Please report back. I believe the no heat method could be potentially far superior when it comes to medicine.

Jul 31 2014
Thanks. Will do.

Jul 31 2014
Hello,  I had made some bho for consumption to treat my chronic nerve pain i have suffered from for 8 years.. After 4 day's of taking the oil my pain has melted away, Now my problem is that i used a vacuum chamber that i no longer have and i am out of oil, I have a couple of ounces to prossess ASAP but don't know the best way for me to do this.. Any advice would be greatly appreatiated.


Aug 01 2014
I would have to say make RSO or my ND Sap if you have the time to wait, three to four months for the ND Sap to decarb.

I have not had an oil product yet that compares to my ND Sap.

Diet can make a big difference too. I am not saying change your diet, but, I am saying add a few things to your diet. Cold pressed unrefined Hemp Seed oil (best in chocolate protein drinks). Virgin unrefined coconut oil, great on toast instead of butter, even on your vegetables like corn. Also, a few roasted sea salt almonds each day.

If I am in serious pain and still supplementing with those things and need more relief, I just take an extra dose or two of RSO or ND Sap and I will be so baked and confused the pain is not an issue anymore.

Aug 05 2014
gg, here's an update on medicating with my recently made RSO. Last night I filled the larger half of a 00 size gelcap to about full. Whoa! If there was any doubt as to its potency - forget it! Totally baked! Within 2 hours my legs were so rubbery I wasn't sure I could make it up the stairs to go to bed! I did make it and slept like a rock! The dosage was too much, however. There was a moment or two when I had to talk myself out of thinking that I was about to od. On the edge of paranoia and all that, but I was able to keep my wits about me. So, the next dosage will be a bit smaller.

Aug 05 2014
Good job! Can you imagine how a cancer patient feels taking a gram per day for 3 to 6 months!! By the time they are done it seems like it was all a dream!!

Regarding the paranoia and anxiety effects, I have eliminated a lot of that out of my oil. I have noticed doing quick frozen rinses made a big difference. Being super gentle with the decarbing also, so you don't get any CBN. Just my opinion, CBN mixed with high THC can cause some negative effects with your buzz. I will gently purge it on the coffee mug warmer and well before it is totally done, I will remove it from the heat and let it air evaporate with a coffee filter over the top to keep dust out. Doing it this way does require some natural decarbing time. I have found between 2 and 8 weeks it will all of a sudden seem to double in potency.

With the SAP, since there is no heat at all, it will take 3 to 4 months to naturally decarb. I can't believe how much more potent the SAP is. I was only taking 1 to 2 drops per day for maintenance. I stopped taking the oil to see how long the effects really last because it seemed to be exceeding 24 hours. It has exceeded 48 hours and I still feel it a little bit. Like taking a hit or two from a joint. RSO would not have stayed in my that long, taking that small of a dose. This was after taking it every day for a couple of weeks. Once a day, and only 1 or 2 drops.

Aug 05 2014
Here is a link to a very interesting write up called Chemical Constituents of Cannabis. Over 60 CBDs, terpenes, monoterpenes, and flavanoids. I am sure a lot of the medicinal properties of the marijuana plant are lost with any heating processes. I am sure some also get lost with winterizing. Unfortunately, some, like the scent of the mj, are water soluble and are not extracted with the oil. There are ways to retrieve many of these components with steam and such, I surely want to look into it. These compounds, or medicinal properties, I believe are why I notice such a difference between RSO, which is heated, and the naturally decarbed SAP, where no heat is used. The SAP seems more potent, better.
Chemistry and Analysis of Phytocannabinoids and Other Cannabis Constituents

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