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Oct 30 2014
Hi gg,

Wow, a lot of interesting observations in your post!  Can't wait for the follow-up.  A couple of questions though:

1. it sounds like you are moving away from using EA for your cold extractions.  Yes?  Does that mean you're using ISO for the extraction?
2. wondering if you would consider making a spreadsheet (I'll help if needed) comparing your experiences with RSO, QWISO and ND Sap?  This would be a way for you (and admittedly, me :-)  and probably others) to have a comprehensive "view" of your experiences, both from a creation and use perspectives.

IMHO, your "research" is invaluable to the community.  Keep it up!

Now, a personal update:

1.  Harvested my second grow a few weeks ago.  7 plants, 5-gal pots in a SCROG.  Trimmed, dried and cured came in at just under 7.5oz. A little over 1 oz/plant.  Not great, but it beat my first harvest which averaged oz/plant.  The 2nd grow did have a fairly bad Scale infestation, so they were under a lot of stress, which probably impacted the harvest.
2.  My first attempt at making RSO, using trim, leaves, and stems and following your heat method turned 90 days yesterday.  Guess what I did??  Took two drops around 5p last night. Not very noticeable.  Some minor sensations of well being, things were brighter and a general calmness. Also, some pain relief. By 9 it was over but pain was still reduced.

Today, I took 4-5 drops (not sure because by the 3rd drop my tongue was numb) around 9:30 this morning.  Whoa, what a mistake.  It's now nearly 11 and I'm sitting here buzzed to the nth degree stumbling my way through this reply (making good use of the delete key...)  At the moment, it's a totally head high, my face is numb and my arms and hands are getting very weak as I type this. There's a slight sense of panic - a little anxiety I suppose, and I feel like I don't dare get-into-the-feeling or I'll succumb to it.  Good thing I"m sitting down.

Wondering now if maybe I did more than 4-5 drops?  Have to get a mirror to see what I'm doing next time!  This is one of those no talking on the phone and not going to answer the door types of highs. Too much!

I find it interesting that there is such a fine line between a mild high (2 drops) and an over-the-top high (4-5 drops).  I'm definitely going to experiment more with this and titrate more accurately to find that sweet spot.

Oct 30 2014
I am going to give it a shot with the 190 proof grain alcohol this winter. Remember, I burn wood for heat so the air is very dry, which does help with the evaporation of the water. That is what I am used to anyway. It is not really fair to compare my results from this summer with the humidity. I usually do my oil making in the winter anyway.

Hmmm, a chart or graph. Nice idea. Not quite done comparing yet.

The QWET ND Sap just hit another threshold. One of my patients came by today and ironically, they were complaining about a toothache. They said they tried everything . Pain pills, numbs stuff, ambesol, and other stuff. Nothing helped. I said, give this a shot, the ND Sap, it worked for me, almost instantly, let's see if it works for you. They looked in disbelief but were more than happy to try. One drop, I could see in their face that it took the pain away almost instantly. They still had a disbelief look, but I could tell. Within 5 minutes of talking, they finally admitted that the pain was gone, but still couldn't believe it. They described it the same as I did. It took away the pain, and numbed it, but not a tingly numb. Like it was coated, protected. They hung around for a few hours and when they left, the pain was still gone. They left with a smile. I know RSO couldn't do that. I am not sure about QWISO winterized though when it comes to a toothache. If I see another patient with a toothache, I will have them try my winterized QWISO that has been naturally decarbed into ND Sap. The patient did comment that they loved the taste too.

That decarbing happens like almost overnight. once it starts, within 72 hours it increases drastically. That is what I have noticed anyway. It is more medicinal for sure. I do like working with the 99% iso a bit better, but I am not done comparing. Just because I like working with ISO better does not at all mean it is a better product. It looks better, but still, it does not mean it is better medicinally.

The QWET extraction I am speaking of was made with my 4-G strain. Stored for 90 days. Right around 90 days it did decarb. It may even get stronger yet. It is about as potent as my average RSO. It should be super clear, but over time during the decarbing it has developed a brownish greenish tint. I think it has more medicinal value, but more difficult to make. Not as high in THC compared to the winterized QWISO. I wish I knew more. That is what I am doing though, learning and sharing.

Maybe do just 3 drops next time LOL. Also, I recommend using the best buds to make the oil. It will probably offer a more clean better medicated feeling and longer lasting too. In my opinion anyway. Honestly, I have never used anything but my best buds and maybe a little sugar leaf, but not much. So, I can't rightfully compare or comment on using material other than buds.

I am happy to hear that you are having success!! Please, any feedback, I am all ears!

Oct 31 2014
First, would you prefer to carry on future conversations via PM, or are you ok doing so publicly?

Using the ND Sap on the toothache is very interesting.  Certainly powerful stuff.

Quick update re my "OD" from yesterday. LOL!  I was still (minimally) feeling the effects at 8:00pm!  Even though the "anxious" feeling was not that pleasant, I found I could function - walk, talk, eat, etc. without any problems.  I don't even think my wife could tell.  About 8:30 I took three drops - this time I put them in a spoon so I could see the amount I was ingesting. The effects were milder but I slept quite well.  Will continue to experiment with the dosage. 

I understand the "why" of using good quality bud:  Again, the material was from my first grow and not wanting to ruin good bud, I chose to use the trim for practice.  Still pretty powerful, but I wonder if using fan leaves, trim and stalks had any impact on causing some of the anxiousness that I felt?

I received an order of Everclear (3L) yesterday and am getting ready to start new batches of RSO and/or QWET/ND Sap following your "cold" method. I'm beginning to think that my stomach isn't handling the chlorophyl very well, so I may skip making RSO.

Have you made any recent changes to your cold QWET/ND Sap instructions?  Any advice on eliminating or reducing the "gassing" that you've experienced once you've bottled the Sap using Everclear?

I'm still not sure I fully understand "winterizing".  It is primarily used just to clean up the oil?  Can you direct me to a good source for understanding winterizing? 

Earlier, I contacted you about using decarbed bud in caps for easy dosing.  I did this with bud and put .25 gr in 00 caps.  never felt anything with one cap.  Two, however, does the trick - almost too much.  And, as I've played with this over time, it seams to be getting more potent which one might expect as the natural decarbing continues.  Any experience or thoughts on this?

I have two full qt jars of sugar trim that I think I'm going to try making an alcohol (EC) tincture.  Any experience with this? Can tincture be winterized and/or is there a method for removing the chlorophyl that you're aware of?

Enough for now.  As always, thanks. :-)

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