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Aug 29 2014
yes, it is about 3.75 ml (gram). Usually I can fit 4 ml (grams) into a 1 dram vial, but that is filled to the rim.

My low quality looked milky too. I decided to let it evaporate and it actually came out to where there was still oil in it. I was surprised. Not much though. I did do 3 rinses on my last batch though.

Well, if you were able to pour anything off, it would probably be water. If you don't want any alcohol in it, leave the lid off the vial and let it air out. It could take days, weeks is okay too. I have done that for over a week a few times. Getting the sap into the vials, use the same method. You may need to add a bit of ET. I have gotten pretty good a working my mini spatula LOL!

I only recommend 2 decarbing methods. One is making RSO in the rice cooker. The other method is the no heat decarb. Any other method I see as destroying the product. This is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

If I were to try to decarb bud, I would probably get it more dry than I prefer to smoke. Jar it up and seal it for 3 or 4 months. I don't recommend oven heating. I just don't feel it is properly decarbed in the oven. I have never had much luck at it anyway. Everybody is different though.

Decarbing bud by jarring up for 3 to 4 months could be the best way to go medicinally, but I can't help but to believe that the CBDs and other medicinal properties are degrading more quickly in plant form than in oil form.

Yes, I take my share of hits, but I keep getting back up.   I don't post on forums much anymore. Getting tired of the bickering over nothing. I will stick to my blogs for the most part.

I had my bad experience for the day with my SAP experiment. My really good Strawberry Cough oil in the dram vial that was full to the rim is only 3/4 full now. I pulled it out and opened it and it reacted like a shaken can of soda! I added a couple of drops of alcohol like you mentioned. I was concerned about mold, there is no need to be concerned, I was wrong. I had the wood stove going in the room where the oil is locked up since it has been cool and damp. Seems that the temperature swing caused it to pressurize. I threw it in the refrigerator for a few minutes and when I opened it, it reacted like a vacuum! From now on, if I leave any alcohol in the oil, I am not filling the vial more than half way due to the potential pressurizing issues. Since it leaked, I tasted it, not decarbed yet, been almost a month since it was made.

I wouldn't take all of these losses unless I thought it was worth it. I had an incident in the past with some QWISO, the SAP that naturally decarbed, before it was decarbed. I intentionally left some alcohol behind and the temperature swings in the house caused the syringe to blow out! There went a good 10 grams!!! OUCH! I must say, I have compared back and forth for a few months and the naturally decarbed QWISO, I have not had anything that compared to it in potency. It seems to stay in my system for days after I stop taking it. The same amount of RSO would only stay in my system for a day to a day and a half. Leaving a touch of alcohol caused the natural decarbing or time, which I believe it is time, I just have to get it mastered.

I have other vials that I am testing and will be ready around October. The best way to get the alcohol out of the vial is in a dry environment, maybe let a fan blow over the vial. I seems that with the pressurization it caused the alcohol bubble to the top.

Just a warning, don't fill them to the rim, even if you believe the alcohol is completely purged.

Aug 30 201
Back to RSO for a moment. Here is an easy way for patients to treat themselves with a small amount. The doctor in this video only uses one ounce and 190 proof grain alcohol. A good method in getting started treating yourself. If you plan to use 99% iso you want good ventilation. The fumes from isopropyl alcohol are far more dangerous than grain alcohol. Also, it still may require 2 to 6 weeks to finish naturally decarbing if you want the most out of your oil.


Aug 30 2014
After opening the 2 dram vial of 4-G QWET oil and the 1 dram vial of SC QWET oil, they fizzed over from the pressure build up, lesson learned, I wiped up what I could onto a couple of rolling papers and rolled up a couple of hooters.
QWET 9-30-14 011

Here is a close up of the one dram vial with the strawberry cough oil. You can see on the rim how nice and clear the oil is. Keeping in mind it is in a green vial. This is the most clean I have seen SC oil come out. On the other hand, with the 4-G oil, it is the most dirty I have seen it come out. Must have something to do with using grain alcohol vs. 99% iso.
QWET-SC 9-30-14 012

Aug 30 2014
The Grow Goddess has Oil Eyes! I will not stop until I can replicate that ND Sap I made and have it mastered.
Oil Eyes
Cartoon mug shot with real "Oil Eyes"  LOL

The "Oil Eyes" is reclaim that I cleaned up and took pictures of in my purge pan.
Reclaim 8-3-14 030Reclaim 8-3-14 029

Two more months to go and hopefully some of the oil is naturally decarbed. I will check again in 30 days


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