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Apr 02 2015
gg, - just screwed up!  Typed you a long post, then uploaded photos and lost the post!

Thanks for the info.  I'm a little confused about which method KX or ISO produces "a comfortable visual buzz and is very potent, but not an uncomfortable intensity. and "One is longer lasting and the other is really enjoyable visual effect for a good 24 hours. The non winterized method lasts at least 48 hours if not longer, that is taking it everyday."

Also, just harvested my 3rd grow.  1600W CFL for veg and added a 90W LED UFO for flowering.  Two strains:  Pineapple Trainwreck and Gold Leaf (I posted some pics of these earlier).  Total dried weight:  just under 6.5 oz!  That's the good news.  The bad news - I'm way over limit! LOL!  Time to make some oil!  Here are some pics.  1st PT, 2nd GL, 3rd GL cola, 4th the fruits of my labor!       Thanks again.  PS Ordered KleenXtract today,


Apr 02 2015
The iso concentrate winterized with grain alcohol offers the comfortable intense visual buzz. It is more of a pure THC. It requires grain alcohol to winterize the finished iso concentrate. The grain alcohol added to the concentrate very liquid, then placed into the freezer. The grain alcohol caused separation so it becomes more of a pure THC. Filter after a couple of days in the freezer then evaporate.

Using the KX without winterizing I believe produces a more medicinal product, but not as intense of a visual buzz.

I like it both ways.

Apr 03 2015
Got it!  Thanks.  Another question:  When you say "very dry" (the bud prior to extraction) what do you mean?  Do you force dry it, or just let it naturally dry in the open air?  I store my buds in mason jars like you and my RH runs between 50-62%.  I use Boveda 62 packs.  This particular harvest was overdried - had some issues controlling the environment in the dry room, and is currently sitting at about 52% in the jars.  Buds are a little crispy on the outside.

An earlier test of putting the buds in the freezer with the lid off, lowers the rh to about 30%.  Is this dry enough from your perspective?

Apr 03 2015
I only air dry, but have to be careful, especially in the winter. I don't force dry. I hang the entire plant until ready to trim, I like to trim while the leaves are supple though, it is much easier that way. Then when I have them trimmed I will let them sit and air dry, usually a few days depending on how dry it is in the house. I will then put them in the jars and burp them daily. This will get them more dry than what I prefer for smoking. They will be somewhat crispy.

I never checked the humidity level in the jars with the buds.

I have always preferred to make my oils in the winter due to the low humidity from my wood burning stoves. I like the buds to crumble at the initial shaking from the first wash or rinse. Yes, it does create more sediment, but that is the way I prefer it. I always get the feeling that when the buds are moist and don't completely crumble that I am not extracting all of the THC. Just a feeling though, don't have any proof of that.

One of these days, just for kicks, I will try making oil (ND Sap) using frozen fresh bud. Just want to see if the fresh buds have any noticeable amount of increase in terpenes. If it is a big difference, I am sure it will be noticed. If I ever get around to doing it, I will update.

I think if the buds are already dry, there would not be a need to leave the lid off while in the freezer. I consider the buds to be dry enough if you can crumble it by hand to roll a joint, no need for scissors. I don't like smoking it when it is that dry, but a good way to test the dryness for oil making.

April 11 2015
I came across this website through facebook. I have not made any purchases yet, but at first glance, they have a lot of essential oils and natural products that I am interested in.

I want to reduce the amount of poisonous products that I use in my home. Toothpaste, air fresheners, window cleaners, soaps and shampoos, it goes on and on. These things are laced with poisonous chemicals. Chemicals are different than essential oils. Chemicals stay in the body and it is difficult for the body to expel them. Organic essential oils and other natural products are safer and more healthy to use. The body expels them quickly and efficiently. When used correctly, natural products and essential oils are good for your health. With all of the cancers and other illnesses that have been rampant in our world today, it is a clear sign to me that it is all of the chemicals and polluted way of life most of us have been taught to live. The more research I do, the more chemicals I find in everyday products. America has the most chemicals and considers the most dangerous chemicals to be safe, even in our food! Chemicals and convenience seem to go together.

Something that has become more of a concern to me it how the chemicals in our everyday products can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin and soft tissue. I did not realize how intense this could be until I started using essential oils, coconut oil, and ND Sap. I found that these items can absorb through the skin very easily and have strong effects. This has alerted me to how dangerous harsh chemicals can be, in even the smallest amount.

I will be purchasing products from Patterson Squared. Kim Patterson seems to be quite knowledgeable and provides a lot of information about the products offered. There are a lot of items that I want, but will have to start small and get one thing at a time and build up my supplies.

Just want to share this information. This is a good place to start in changing over to a more healthy lifestyle. I will try other companies too and follow up with product reviews.

Again, I highly recommend to purchase the book Modern Essentials, Sixth Edition. Knowledge is power. This book has been very helpful for me. A big thumbs up on how easy the book is to use, especially in regards to individual oils and their medicinal potential and properties.

April 13 2015
Hi gg, time for an update. First, received my order of KleenXtract! Buds and KX are in the freezer. I hope to make a batch this week. Regarding the dryness of the buds. I left them out on parchment paper for a couple of days and they got good and crumbly, so I'm hoping they will disintegrate once they're washed. Btw, thanks for the recap of how you make the ND Sap. Second, I tried a little experiment: I had some Tincture that I made last fall. Never really liked it as the alcohol was too strong (Everclear). I also had some AVB and trim that had been soaking in EC for a few weeks that I shook occasionally. I strained this and added it to the tincture and than evaporated the alcohol on my coffee cup warmer (with a washer). I started with about a pint of liquid and ended up with three 4 dram bottles about 3/4 filled each. The consistency is about that of an oil, olive, etc. Concerned that the pressure might build up as we've both experienced before, I left the caps loose and stored them in the dark. I'll let them sit for a bit and will report back. I can't attest to the potency, but it is the cleanest, smoothest oil I've produced yet. Time will tell. Question: when you make Sap, do you ever let it completely dry out (slowly, no hear, of course) and then just scrape up what's left, or do you always leave it runny? Will also let you know how the Sap turns out.

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