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Aug 26 2014
Keeping in mind QWET extractions during the summer months is new to me. Maybe I should be paper filtering in the beginning stages? Not sure yet.

My results were similar to yours. What I did from the point you are at (I took extra steps because it was new to me and was not satisfied with the appearance of the product). here is what I did. What ever puttied up, I would assume there is some THC in there (it is probably like good hash). Anyway, I diluted it with alcohol, it took some time to get the putty to dissolve, it took a lot of stirring. When I do this, I try to get any oil that hardened up in the bowl or purge pan to also dissolve with the alcohol. Then run it through a paper filter. I just used one coffee filter and it made an incredible difference. I have never seen paper filtering make a difference like this. Must have something to do with the gran alcohol. Even winterizing has never cleaned up my oil this much. Mine went from a brown putty to a nice yellow in the syringe with a light behind it. Just by simply diluting it and running it through one paper coffee filter.

Same goes for the cleaner oil. I had the same results with my cleaner batch. My last one was three quick rinses. It was a brown oily liquid. I diluted it with alcohol to where it became watery and ran it through a paper filter and got premium results going by the looks. As soon as I crack open a vial of it, I will dip a toothpick in there and take a picture. I will probably wait the full 90 days before doing so.

For the strawberry cough that I used most recently, it normally produces my darkest oil. It is among the cleanest doing what we just discussed. It looked different to me, almost like those CO2 extractions or premium winterized BHO or winterized premium RSO. Just different though.

Maybe take a small piece of the putty and put it in a pipe, see what it does.

I did see your picture, it looked dark just like mine until I diluted it and ran it through a paper filter. This was by using 192 proof polish vodka.

I am not sure what is better, two quick rinses or three. I will have to do it a couple more times to have a more valuable opinion

Aug 26 2014
I"ll check the new putty out and let you know.


1.  When making RSO, it's easy to see the bubbling off of alchohol and h20. Obviously, we don't have that clue with QWET.  Any suggestions for knowing when the alcohol/water (or at least most of it) is gone?
2. I found a recipe today at Cannapharms that is very similar to your QWET method, but they don't worry about a little alcohol remaining IF one intends to put it in caps, or ingest it directly as you do. I know you've said that the alcohol helps "melt" the oil on your tongue (did I remember that correctly?).  Any additional thoughts on this?
3.  I'm definitely going to dilute both batches slightly and filter as you've suggested.  Lots of sap building up on the sides of the dish as it evaporates. Need to reconstitute that.
4.  You seem to have settled on SC and your 4-G for your strains?  Are they both Indicas?  Do you have experience making oil with Sativas as well as Indicas?  Would a Sativa based oil keep one "up", i.e. awake? 

As always, thanks!

Aug 27 2014
1. With no heat using grain alcohol (190 proof or higher), in this humid weather, all the alcohol will evaporate before the water. you can either allow the water to evaporate off or pour the water off and let that finish evaporating/drying. If I pour off the water, I will let it air dry until it no longer has the wet/runny to it. So far the three strains I have worked with using the QWET method have been coming out a thick sap. Because there is so much water, the potential for mold does concern me. After I fill up a vial I will add a couple of drops of the grain alcohol to eliminate the possibility of mold.
2. I recommend with QWET to leave a touch of alcohol. Unless you plan on smoking it. With vaping I don't see a small amount of alcohol being a problem. I judge it by many factors, thickness, smell, and taste. ISO is easier because you can smell and taste the alcohol. The smell of cannabis can interfere with the smell and taste of the grain alcohol.
3. Yes. Stirring around with a small spatula, it will dissolve.
4. Yes and no, they are both hybrids, indica dominant. No experience with sativa. Well, not sure about sativa oil keeping one awake, but sometimes with my indica oils, it does. Not really the right person to ask. My guess would be, it depends on the person and how potent the oil is. Ingesting a more potent oil I believe will help anyone keep awake because of how stoned they may get. It is different than smoking, but similar.

For some reason with RSO, with many people, it does not make them tired, but does help with sleep.

Let me know how it comes out!

Aug 29 2014 09:02 AM
gg, I filtered as you suggested (pic included).  Both are cleaner, though the volume is quite reduced. 
The high quality (HQ) (picture on the right) had a small amount of water that I poured off. What remains was definitely sap!  I bottled the HQ and have approx 1 dram. (it's about of a 4 dram bottle - the ones you recommended). So that's about 3.5 ml of sap from one oz of bud.   Does this sound right?

The LQ seemed to be all water - there was no sediment, no residue sticking to the sides of the dish, etc. A milky, slightly green liquid with virtually no taste.   I decided not to save this (as sap) and discarded it into my alcohol wash jar.

Wasn't easy getting the sap into the vial!  I poured and scraped what I could and then used a little ET to dilute what I couldn't scrape and poured that in the vial.  Question:  Can I leave it, or should I pour off any alcohol that remains on top after its settled a bit? Any tips for moving the zap to the bottles?

So, now I wait.  I did lick my fingers, etc. so we'll see what happens re current potency. :-)

Another, somewhat related question.  I decided to try to decarb some bud and gel cap it.  I did so at 210 F for 20 min.  Stuffing a 00 cap with the bud didn't do much.  I used Cannatonic, (phenotype unknown) which could be low in THC.  Even with the cap stuffed, I can't say that there was any "high" effects.  It might have slowed me down a bit, but no real buzz.  I don't believe you have any experience doing this, but do you have an opinion regarding the decarb time and temp?  I've read a lot (including one of the most recent Decarb postings where you took a fair share (unfair?) of abuse) and there's a lot of opinions as to what time and temp to use.  I know there's someone on this site who does this regularly. I'll have to track that person down and it sounded like it worked well for them (ingesting decarbed bud).

I'm please that the process worked and I did get some sap!  Thanks for you continued support.


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