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November 9, 2014,
Another caution: When doing the QWET/grain alcohol method, it leaves a lot of water behind, which gives me concern of mold. I have not seen any mold on mine yet, but I mostly have experience using 99% iso.

When I get my QWET extraction done and all evaporated, adding fresh 190 proof or higher alcohol back into it I believe helps in preventing mold. If I choose not to leave it in a liquid state, I would be sure that all liquid evaporated off before putting into a well sealed container.

Some recent FB activity mentioned the potential for mold to occur on QWET extractions. First time I had heard of it. I have heard of it with bubble hash though.

Just something to look out for and consider.

Can't wait to try that 200 proof stuff.

Nov 09 2014
I am more into the medical end of making concentrates, but I know there are a lot of people that get the relief they are seeking with THC alone. Whether it is pain, stress, or mental, I understand.

I know a lot of people save their sugar shake and the nicer looking leaves and want to do something with it. (I don't keep mine so I never did much experimenting)

Anyway, for the people that do and are looking to make a decent product with sugar shake and such, this looks worthy to try. I would try it. After doing the extraction, I would dilute the product (trichs) in alcohol, the highest proof you can get (190 or higher) after diluted, I would filter it with a paper filter then evaporate the alcohol. Finally, use the end result in the preferred method. I think this may be one of the best ways to eliminate chlorophyll when it comes to using leaf with an alcohol extraction. Either way, the video is worth watching.

bubble hash made with a CO2 dry ice extraction


Nov 09 2014
[quote name="GrowGoddess" timestamp="1415449262"]Did you use 190 proof?   Was this run with all buds? Low grade or high grade?   I can't wait to do my next extraction. Now that I am just running one flower closet I don't have the access to extra buds for making oil like I used to. Hopefully in the next month I will be able to do some comparisons.   Have you heard of this? Kleen Xtract. [url=][/url] I just might give it a try. I am going to have it sent to a patient's house though, feel a bit uncomfortable having it shipped to where the plants are being grown. Kind of obvious what it would be for.[/quote]

Yes, 190(2?) proof everclear. (The milky substance wasn't there until I washed down the sides of the pan with EC to liquidfy the dried oil.) Yes, HQ buds. Yes, I've heard of Kleen Xract and will most likely use it next time.

Nov 09 2014
I understand the negatives of ISO. Despite it being more difficult to work with, I'm sold on high-proof grain alcohol. Thanks for the heads up re mold. Ive noticed with one of my QWETs that EC is sitting on top of the oil/tar. This must have separated out of the oil over time. There's not much - maybe ", but it got me thinking: would adding a thin layer of 190+ to the vial after adding the extracted oil/tar help prevent mold? I've also noticed that if I tip the vial with the EC on top that the oil/tar is thick enough that it doesn't move, or moves very slowly. Why might this be important? It allows one to "disinfect" the sides and top of the vial with alcohol as well as leave a protected covering over the oil/tar, which should prevent mold from occurring in the oil/tar. Does this make sense? Is there something I'm not taking into consideration?

Nov 10 2014
Keep in mind I am just offering an opinion. I can't say that I have the grain alcohol nailed down yet.

If the concentrate is nice and thick, can you just pour off the liquid that separated to the top? Maybe into a spoon and then let it evaporate. I have not had that happen yet that I am aware of.

Mine is diluted with 192 proof vodka. There has not been any separation. It is just liquid enough to where I can suck it up into a small dropper. I have had to add alcohol back into it a couple of times since it is so dry in the house now and using it it has become too thick for the dropper.

Some of the separation could be due to the grain alcohol extracting out other properties from the plant besides the iso.

ISO vs. grain alcohol has shown me color differences in the extractions. Night and day differences.

Yes, I believe adding back 190 proof would prevent mold. I have encountered the same incidents with the white milky stuff and that is what makes working with the grain alcohol difficult. It is amazing the difference of water between 190 proof grain and 99% iso. I even notice a small difference between 190 and 192 proof alcohols. The 192 is still quite difficult. I am for sure giving that 200 proof stuff a try, kind of excited to. A little warning on that 200 proof stuff though, I would not have it shipped to where the plants are being grown. It is obvious what the stuff is meant for. I am going to have it shipped to one of my patient's houses or something like that. On the other hand, I haven't given up on grain alcohol yet. The products that I have made and been enjoying made with grain alcohol is the best I have had yet. I will have to give the credit to the natural decarbing though.

As for mold. It seems like you would taste it if you had any. I have tasted oil made from buds that were slightly moldy and it totally ruined the taste. It was very noticeable.

Keep the updates coming!

Nov 13 2014
I may have already mentioned this, but in December I will do a comparison of using the 192 proof polish vodka, 99% iso, and 200 proof KleenExtract, (yes, I ordered it!) I really have my hopes up for the 200 proof. Can't wait to compare.

I believe I will be doing this extraction comparison with Strawberry Cough. Top shelf of course, and pictures will be provided.  

Dec 18 2014
Hi gg, saw this article today and thought you would appreciate it as it deals with naturally aging bud and what happens to the terpenes as it ages. I don't know enough say one way or the other, but I wondered if/this might affect the make up of ND SAP? What Does Drying Buds Do to Terpenes?

Dec 20 201
Thanks medmanmike!

Too bad they didn't do one with a sealed jar for 4 months. I would assume that the paper would absorb some of the terpenes which would simply evaporate away. Whereas in a sealed jar the terpenes would be trapped with the buds.

Either way, there is an enormous difference between the oil being naturally decarbed vs. heat decarbing. Not sure if it is the terpenes or CBDs or even something else.

For some reason with naturally decarbing the THC flows through the body and the effects last longer. Must be the activation of certain terpenes during long term storage in a sealed jar or something else.

Thanks again!

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