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Nov 04 2014
That's a toughie.... I have experienced both, what you have described and what I have described previously.

Now that we are into the cooler months, I want to do another extraction and I think I would be able to answer better in regards to effects of using grain alcohol. One strain I did came out similar to QWISO, that was strawberry cough. My 4-G strain did what you are describing. Normally 4-G offered me the cleanest oil, but it came out more "dirty" doing QWET. It wanted to clump into a tar nugget. It is hard for me to comment on that since it was done with that bad bottle of 190 everclear. I diluted that clump with the 192 proof polish vodka, after pouring off the liquid which did contain quality oil in it, so after diluting the clump, it took a while to dissolve and ran that through a paper filter, that brought it back to an oil state. Not sure if it was the filtering or better alcohol.

I don't really have much experience doing these types of extractions during the humid months so that kind of threw me off. Soon I will be doing new comparisons with fresh results. I will be able to comment better.

I have found that the grain alcohol is a bit more difficult to work with but I have no complaints on the final product. 2 drops of my oil in the morning, I feel it up until the next morning and sometimes feel more buzzed before even taking that day's dose.

I do notice a difference with the naturally decarbed oil made without heat, and not winterizing to where I feel like I am effected mentally, that wears off before the next morning, but the THC is still going strong.

I plan to try this 200 proof organic alcohol, it starts with a K. I will look it up for the full name later. I would also like to try 190 proof organic grape alcohol. Hopefully before winter is over I will have the opportunity to try one or both of those and compare it to the 192 proof polish vodka.

Nov 06 2014
gg, took some photos of the screens that came with my Diamond-grind "Ergo" grinder.  I couldn't find the mesh size - they only state Course, Standard and Silk.  Used the silk screen today to filter the ET tincture I made.  I first used a course kitchen metal strainer, then a metal coffee filter, then gravity and the silk screen.  Cleaned it up really nice, though it's very green.

It's still a slow process, but MUCH faster than a paper coffee filter.  The screen frame holds about oz and I needed to carefully scrape off the sediment periodically, but it really captured a lot of junk.

Nov 06 2014
gg, the milky white liquid on the QWET HD didn't seem to want to evaporate. Today, I notices a greasy/oily film on the surface. Took a toothpick and low and behold - SAP!  (see pic, note the discoloration on the surface of the liquid in the bottom left corner of the pic.)  Using a toothpick I carefully collected the material on the top of the liquid. Then, poured off all the liquid and scraped the purge pan with a very small metal spoon, shaped somewhat like a shoehorn.  The second pic shows what I was able to recover:  2.5 grams by weight!  This was from 1 oz of bud.  I'm going to leave it in the tinfoil as it's too sticky to try to put into a vial.  I tried diluting with some ET, but man, this stuff is wickedly sticky!

Not sure of the potency yet - though I did lick the toothpicks and got a little buzz, but it looks similar to your ND Sap.  Thoughts?


Nov 06 2014
looks really good

set some aside for 100 days and see if it gets stronger

Interesting you can clearly see the oil separated from the water

In my case, I had poured the water off, when I made it over the summer. There was still remnants of THC and I let that dry separately.

going by the looks, if you seal that up for 100 days it will be the whoop eating it. With superior medicinal properties if no heat is used.

let me know how it turns out

November 8, 2014,
Did you use 190 proof?

Was this run with all buds? Low grade or high grade?

I can't wait to do my next extraction. Now that I am just running one flower closet I don't have the access to extra buds for making oil like I used to. Hopefully in the next month I will be able to do some comparisons.

Have you heard of this? Kleen Xtract.

I just might give it a try. I am going to have it sent to a patient's house though, feel a bit uncomfortable having it shipped to where the plants are being grown. Kind of obvious what it would be for.

November 8, 2014,
Caution when using 99% iso. You just have to make sure you evaporate out all of the alcohol. You won't have the convenience of using a dropper. When I make ISO oil and get it into the vial I will use a toothpick to get my dose out of the vial. Not sure how to get it in there since you should not warm it. I guess you could dilute it with 190 proof or higher grain alcohol after all of the iso has evaporated. It may clump up and cause some separation though. You can always dilute it more with grain alcohol, put that in the freezer then filter and evaporate some off, this is winterizing. It is a very different buzz, but less medicinal.

Iso is a lot easier to work with, but more dangerous.


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