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Jul 20 2014
Thank you, dear Another question: I've been fortunate to score 14gr of Kief hash. Looking for advice on how best to extract for ingestion. Will this work for the SAP? I was leaning towards making canna caps with coconut oil, but the SAP sounds easier. I could always cap it later, I suppose. Your thoughts/suggestions?

Jul 20 2014
All I can do is give my opinion on that. I have not handled Kief Hash. Also, I have only done this once so far.

Take a small sample of your kief and see if it will dissolve in 190 proof or higher grain alcohol. If it will dissolve without heat (weather or not it dissolves may not matter, not sure) anyway, I would dilute it with the alcohol and run it through a coffee filter. Let it evaporate and see what happens.

If it works, you can always put the kief in a small jar with some of the grain alcohol. Shake it up real well as if it were buds. I have seen other people use kief to make RSO because that was all they had. They ended up with a nice oil product. I was not able to sample it, but the color looked real good.

You may want to just try one gram. It sucks to have to wait 90 days, but I think it will work.

Jul 27 2014
Here is some information, and my opinion of what I am trying to do. My goal is to not lose the terpines, and reduce the amount of degradation of the CBD and THC. I believe that with an oil that contains all of these elements and more, can potentially offer more medicinal properties and benefits.

(Note: CBD has become a slang term for all non-psychoactive compounds of the cannabis plant. CBD is a more simple term to use. Technically CBD oil does not exist as there are more than 60 non-psychoactive compounds in the cannabis plant and CBD is only one of them.)

In Mel Frank's book, he points out how the THC and CBDs are continuously degrading in the plant, but also being replenished during growth. Obviously, once you cut the plant down, it will only degrade from there. The buds and leaf go through the same degradation. Also, fresh shoots in vegetative stage may offer benefits that may exceed bud in some manners with CBDs and terpenes, I wish I knew.

MelFrank-HarvestBuds 7-24-14 031

MelFrank-Leaf Degradation 7-24-14 035

I am going to try to convert my buds to oil within the first 30 days of harvest. I believe being stored in oil form the degradation drastically slows down to where it may take years for the medicine to degrade.

I don't want my THC, CBDs, terpines, and all of the other medicinal goodies to be sitting in a jar filled with air and decaying plant matter. I know it is a bit extreme putting it that way, but I believe it holds truth.

Here is an example of why I am believing that the terpenes can be so valuable, especially for cancer, or just living in today's society, it is very polluted. This may be some of the best protection that we have. I want these things in my oil. Going by what I have read, that all of the terpenes will evaporate off at around 110 degrees F.

Terpenoid Education

Here is a link to where you can get other plant terpenes. It is in an e-cigarette form with no nicotine. You can just vape it and get the terpenes that way.

I am more interested in the cannabis terpenes, especially preserving them in my concentrated ND sap.

As soon as my sap experiment has been completed. I will report back on how it compares to my RSO. I have been working with the same strains for year. This should be quite interesting.

Jul 29 2014
I must add to my blog that I am very baked right now!!  I am having problems eating a full drop per day of this oil.

I decided to dilute it a little bit with some NF Organic flavoring. Just my sample vial with the glass dropper. That only has about 2 grams of oil in it.

It is awesome that the NF Organic flavoring blends right in with the oil, whether it is the ND Sap or the RSO. I am liking the sap better.

I received my vials and they are really cool too! The 1 dram vials have a smaller glass dropper than the 2 dram vials, quite a difference between them. I filled 2 of my 2 dram vials, without droppers, to the top with the RSO I had left for storage. The vials are amber colored. The 1 dram vial fits right onto an Eclpse Vape too. Works the same as the OEM vials. Did not break or crack either.

Anyway, one or 2 drops of my ND Sap with the 1 dram vial with the small glass dropper, is more than enough for me. It is really convenient too, whether you want to convert it to e-cannabis, apply to wounds, take it orally, or simply add some to a paper. I am really liking it, it seems more convenient and sanitary too with more options vs. a syringe.

The 1 and 2 dram vials that come with a dropper will also accept the plain cap.

When I purchased the 1 dram replacement OEM vials for my Eclipse Vape it seemed like half of them arrived with small chips on the rim. These new vials all arrived in premium condition. Not a single chip or crack on them. I will get these from now on.

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