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Nov 02 2014
I used to talk to stone crow on this site all of the time, also on the phone, he turned me onto an mm dr to get certified and I was very apreciative, it was back in 09, we talked alot, I think he had dial up on his p.c at the time, he used to have to get off of the computer so people could use the phone,,,He once asked my about clones, He said he wasnt doing well with them and I was getting 90 to 100% at the time, I still dont have a clone dome lol, I do it the old fasion way,,,I gave him advise and he did well after that, at least that is what he told me, I would call him when I had dr. appt's to try and go visit him, but it never came to happen, the last time I talked to him on the p.c he was in the hospital and not doing well, I dont know how we got to not talking to each other, when I make friends on here and exchange phone numbers I usualy become fast friends. I would have been happy to show him my oil making methods, he wasnt doin oil at the time, had I known more or been allowed to visit we would have gotten him on the oil program sooner,,,,I am realy thrilled that he found the oil cure either way, I actualy thought we lost him, like I said last time we communicated he was in the hospital and not doing to well,

Congrats Joe I am so happy you are doing well, I remember what your job was before you got cancer, I hope you are able to work or are being taken care I just looked and I still have your phone number from back than, Im gonna have to call it and see if it is still good!

Peace My Friend!


Nov 02 2014
I doubt you will reach him with that number. When I became his CG and treated him with the oil, it was very difficult to stay in contact with him. Every time he ran out of time on his phone, he would get a new number, one of those deals.

Then to top it off, he moved. I couldn't even reach him. I asked around all over for help in finding him and finally someone pointed me in the right direction, keep in mind, this was in the middle of his treatment and I knew he must have been getting low on oil. The biggest problem was the Chemo brain he was suffering from, a side effect from the treatments. The only place I have been able to reliably communicate with Joe is on FB. He doesn't  have chemo brain anymore and the last I saw he was doing great. He gained a lot of weight back. Still cancer free to this day. He lives in a really nice place in the woods with his family. They weren't too keen on cannabis use, keep in mind he is a minister. After 11 years of failures from the medical system is why he turned to cannabis. I met him at my compassion club. I knew about his cancer and as soon as I learned about RSO, I made some and tracked him down and asked if he wanted to try it, he said YES. Now he is making his own oil. His family have come to accept cannabis as medicine. That is the impression I get. Joe is a great guy.

I will PM you Jim with his FB page. He would probably be happy to hear from you.

Nov 02 2014
Okay, I did two test runs of the ND Sap made with grain alcohol.

I haven't shown a picture of the first one yet, it is not pretty, but it is really good oil. That was made with my 4-G strain which typically give me the cleanest looking oil when made with iso.

Here is a picture of the oil I made with Strawberry Cough and grain alcohol, not too bad looking. Strawberry Cough usually makes my more dirty looking oil when made with iso. Big difference on the color of the oil iso vs. grain.  In this picture I did the most clean extract I could do. I got just under 4 grams of the premium oil out of an ounce of buds.

QWET-ND_Sap 11-2-14 027QWET-ND_Sap 11-2-14 025

Nov 02 2014
Yes, the paper filtering can be a pain! I try to get the most filtered out with gravity and the reusable coffee filter because of what you have described with the paper filtering.

Yes, I used gravity first, then a reusable (metal), actually, two: one 4" dia. kitchen strainer and then the metal reusable coffee filter and THEN the paper coffee filter. Nice and clean, but slower than molasses.

Have you ever tried a kief screen? I have a hand grinder that came with a bottome comparement for catching kief and two additional screens.. These will certainly be finer than a metal coffee filter.

Nov 02 2014
Forgot to mention.... I spent some time today looking at the QWISO and the high and low quality QWET. All three bottles had a small amount of alcohol floating on top of the oil. The dropper from the HQ QWET had excessive alcohol in it so I squirted it out, took a toothpick and stirred everything up well so I have a better grasp of how much oil I'm getting. Did the same with the other two. As I was going along I licked the tooth- whew, this stuff is wicked. Lasted all day - still going slightly. Couldn't have taken more than a large drop, certainly less than a grain of rice. Definitely improves with age. :-)

Nov 02 2014
Never thought of using a kief screen. I didn't realize they were that fine.

Some people use those bubble bags, I don't remember what micron though.

Sounds like you got it right with the oil. Taking it everyday can get more intense.

I believe that the ND oil has double the medicinal values and use of.

Good Job!!

Nov 04 2014
More on the kief screen soon....

QWET update:  my recent batch had evaporated enough so I moved both the HQ/LQ into a purge pan/small bowl respectively.  As the QWET had dried a bit around the edges, I took a small clean brush (that I use to brush out my Magic Flight vaporizer) and some ET and washed the edges before pouring into the purge pan.  This caused a white milky substance to form in the extract.  This is similar to what I experienced in a previous batch (see Sep. 14 post/pic on page 3).  It reminds me of what you get when you mix water and motor oil.  It's not a white foam as you describe in the instructions, just a white, milky liquid. 

My eyes tell me that it's water and oil, but where did the water come from?  I took the ET fresh out of the sealed 1.5L bottle.  I know you've had issues with too much water in the Everclear, but this isn't making sense.  do you wash down the sides of your pans as I described?

It doesn't seem to be sitting on top (of the oil) but rather is part of the solution or mixture. There is a gooey substance (tar/finished oil) that is forming at the bottom of the pan/dish.  Any suggestions on what I should do to eliminated it (the white, milky substance)?

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