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Apr 25 2015
I don't know for sure yet, but I am starting to believe that the ND Sap is one of the most difficult extractions to achieve success. One of the reasons, I believe a lot of the effects of the ND Sap have to do with the actual grow room/flowering. I am guessing that any mistakes in the flower stage, nutrients, temps, etc. You can lose the terpenes or never even get them to begin with. It is possible getting all of the terpenes may only be achieved by growing in soil, but I am not sure. I am confident that if anything is lacking in the grow room, the first thing to take a hit is the terpenes then flavanoids. This is all speculation due to feedback I have received.

When it comes to fighting cancer or a serious illness, the most easy, most quick manner of getting oil is using the RSO method with a rice cooker and 99% iso or 200 proof ethanol.

Apr 26 2015
This is a great article to read over. It verifies many of my opinions regarding the naturally decarbed oil I have been making. You can read their test results of using different solvents and heat decarbing. They mention a lot of good information regarding terpenes being damaged and lost during the heat decarbing process. This is why I like my oil completely naturally decarbed. It has been a night and day difference. I believe it is due to the terpenes and no heat.
Cannabis Oil: chemical evaluation of an upcoming cannabis-based medicine

Apr 26 2015
Buyers beware!  Don't get scammed. Make the concentrate yourself.

Apr 30 2015
Thanks for all the great info as usual, GG. I saw the CleanXtract on Amazon the other day and sure enough you're already into it. It's twice as much as the Polish vodka but purer. If I use it I will post results.

Medmanmike, how are you filtering your alcohol? You should be using at least two coffee filters or comparable filtration. The way I get crystal clear absolute is to first make QWISO. When the ISO evaporates I redissolve in ethanol, freeze for 48 hours, and then re-filter and let evaporate. It is strain dependent as GG has said (I sometimes get sap, sometimes hard shatter) but it's usually the purest cleanest concentrate you can get. Good luck.

May 01 2015

For medicinal use and ingesting the oil, I am not going to use anything but KleenXtract from now on, unless I see something better and safer.

So far it has produced the most clean, highest quality extract I have tried. There is no going back to regular grain alcohol for extracting. The KX solved the water problem I was having with the 190 proof grain alcohol. At least during the winter months. I will have to do a small run this summer and see what happens.


This is just my first impression. My premium oil has not fully decarbed yet, but the low grade oil that has decarbed, made with Querkle, is the best ND Sap I have made so far.

May 04 2015
Nix, the last run I filtered twice with a fine mesh coffee filter with an hour in between to let gravity do its thing. I've tried using a paper coffee filter, but I find it to slow going. Gg has mentioned re-dissolving with alcohol, but haven't tried that yet. I know she uses 192 proof to re-dissolve after using KX. When it was obvious that I was getting goo, I tried using KX to re-dissolve, but it didn't work. Doesn't make sense to me, but that's what happened (or didn't). Do you ( or you, gg) have any idea as to why the KX wouldn't re-dissolve itself? I may try your "freezing" method next time. I'm a believer in the cold extrCt method, but find it a lot easier to just boil the darn thing down and let it evaporate. BTW, my first taste, about a "bb" size grain in a gel cap gave me zero buzz, but I did get some pain relief and a general sense of well being.

May 04 2015
My first guess on the lack of buzz would be it wasn't fully decarbed. I have had others report the same though. Maybe it was not liquid enough for the full decarb or not enough time.

I would have done the same and tried to dissolve with the KX. That has only happened to me with one of my strains. It seemed strange to me too. That was back when I was using the 192 proof for the entire process and it was difficult for me to get it dissolve, much effort was involved.

I am guessing it is just that strain. Only 1 out of my 4 strains does the same with grain alcohol or the ethyl.

the senes of well being, I would say it is the terpenes and they can mask a buzz. I am taking the same size dose and it is getting me buzzed, but it does seem that the terpenes are somewhat masking the buzz.

I am so used to the naturally decarbed oil, it is so comfortable, I can't seem myself going back to a heat decarbed oil. However, I can see how someone might prefer the heat decarbed oil. It is a lot more intense and uppity buzz, but for me, more anxiety.

Aug 10 2015
not sure if I already put this in here, but it is great information for oil makers. Worth the read
Cannabis Oil: chemical evaluation of an upcoming cannabis-based medicine

As you can see in the graph (from page 6 of the article), any heat above 110F causes serious damage to the terpenes.
Effects of preheating

Aug 23 2015
Here is a link to a nice article with some very good information.
The Cannabis “ Terpene Synergy
It discusses terpenes and cannabis.

Aug 23 2015

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