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Once the oil is in the syringes, store them in a dark area at room temperature. Be sure to mark the date on the syringes. Keep them stored for at least 90 days. Some may require 100 days. For this naturally decarbing oil, I don't recommend storing it in syringes. I recommend the vials or droppers that I posted links to below.

Then you should have the best oil that you can make for medicinal use.

Here are a couple of tips:

Grain alcohol or organic alcohol is what I prefer and recommend as long as it is 190 proof or higher. Here is why.

    1. It is safer period. It is safer when it comes to consumption. It is safer in regards to potentially breathing any fumes when evaporating. It does not stink up the room or even house like isopropyl alcohol can. It is less flammable.

    2. You can intentionally leave a little bit of the grain alcohol in the oil-sap. If that is the case, that you choose to leave some alcohol in the oil-sap, you do not want to store the oil in syringes. The remaining alcohol can expand and cause the syringes to leak. What you would want to use is a small bottle with a dropper. Preferably brown glass with a glass dropper. You can also use small vials to store the oil in whether or not you leave alcohol in the oil. If you choose to leave some alcohol in the oil-sap then I would allow it to be a consistency of warm oil, a little runny. This may be the best choice. I have not tried it yet, but I will next time. Using the dropper you can be more precise with the doses. With a touch of alcohol left it will pretty much dissolve on your tongue.

Regarding the information I posted in blue above, it is not necessary to purchase the heating pad and thermostat. With most of my strains I had to heat the oil too hot to get it to go into the syringes if I let the solvent evaporate completely. The heating pad and thermostat are nice items to have though. It is best to avoid any heat if you wish to keep all of the medicinal properties. REMINDER: Leaving any alcohol in the concentrate while stored in syringes will most likely cause expansion and leak. I recommend to store in vials or droppers. Vials for fully purged, droppers for if you decide to leave some grain alcohol in the concentrate.

So far at this point I have only done this once so I am speaking what I know at this time. I will do it many more times and add more information as it becomes available. To clarify: I have done this once, but not exactly intentionally. I will however be doing it intentionally as soon as possible.

As far as quantities, you can do as little or as much as you desire, starting with ounce of buds or pound. When doing larger quantities of course you would need to adjust the materials used to accommodate the quantity you plan on making. Smaller quantities are safer in my opinion due to the fumes involved when evaporating the solvent (alcohol).

Sometimes I like to keep my oil in vials. I will just use a toothpick to get my dose if the oil is thick.

Here are links for the dropper bottles, vials, and other items I have mentioned.

4 Dram with Dropper

1 Dram With Dropper

4 Dram with Cap

1 Dram with Cap





5/8 Dram with Cap

1mL Syringe with Cap

10mL Syringe with Cap

Metal Mesh Coffee Filter





Seedling Heat Mat

Thermostat for Heat Mat







4 Dram Amber Glass Vial with Dropper: Roughly 12-14 mL will fit into this bottle
1 Dram Amber Glass Vial with Dropper: This may be a better choice.
Screw Cap Amber Vials:
1 dram , 4 dram and You can even go smaller for stealth 5/8 dram.

The 10 mL syringes are better for sucking up thicker oils because they are more heavy duty.

190 proof alcohol: Safe to drink, as long as you don’t drink too much! This is grain alcohol and even grape alcohol, a good safe alternative to using the 99% isopropyl alcohol. I haven’t tried it yet, but plan to.

190 proof Everclear: Many stores will not ship to some states, you may have to arrange to pick up

192 proof Polish Vodka: (Many stores will not ship to some states, you may need to arrange to pick up).

200 proof ethanol (Extractohol) I really like this product and prefer it over grain alcohol. The only downside using the more safe alcohol, some strains can become putty. If that happens, dilute it and filter through paper coffee filters and in future batches avoid that strain when using grain alcohol. Additionally, they are not allowed to ship to some states due to local laws, similar to the 190 proof alcohols.


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