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Nov 28 2016
I recommend 99% iso for RSO. Never made RSO with anything else.

Even with QWISO, I like the results with 99% iso over the QWET when using the 200 proof ethyl. Yes, I would rather it be as natural as possible, but the end product when using 99% iso can produce the best.

Nov 29 2016
Thanks for the prompt reply.

I was thinking you were using the 190 proof vodka or everclear.

Plan on making some early 2017.

Jan 01 2017
Hi gg, wouldn't you know it - as soon as I post on your vape blog, I find your new recommendation here!  Sorry about that......

Are the directions for RSO at the top of this blog the most current?  Thanks.

Jan 01 2017
That's ok.

Yes, the RSO directions are what I use. I have made some minor adjustments with the gravity filtering, but are not necessary for medicinal use. It doesn't have to look good to work. It does have to look good to be the most enjoyable with a vaporizer.

Jan 01 2017
I was experimenting with the 192 proof vodka for QWET. Too much water. Then I tried 200 proof ethyl, which works great, but I cannot get it anymore.

I never got around to using anything other than 99% iso to make RSO. I wish I did try the 192 for RSO, but it is not friendly with all of my strains, that is where my hesitation begins.

Jan 15 2017
Made some oil and it is really thick, should it be this way? If so, what is proper way to soften before using. Used 2 oz of bud and got 4.2 ml.

The oil is really dark in color.

Used the rice cooker on cook mode and worked great until the end when material was lighter. The cooker has a spring loaded center piece that kicked it off cook and onto warm mode. Had to hold down by hand to finish up. Not a fan of the cup warmer, does not seem to get warm enough.

Any suggestions?

Jan 16 2017
It is all about patience!

That is normal for the rice cooker to pop up. I have to hold mine down at the end too. Sounds to me it is slightly overcooked. It can also be dark from the strain and solvent.

The cup warmer is the perfect temperature to finish without overheating. It just takes patience. I even put quarters between the warmer and my container (a metal measuring cup).

Not sure what you mean by soften to use. Do you mean to get it out of the syringe? There are so many variables, more details needed....

Jan 17 2017
Thanks for the reply.

Used the rice cooker until the bubbles stopped. Put most of oil into syringes and rest put into a small container. Stored the syringes in a mason jar and put in a dark room that is cool.

Should I put in freezer for long term storage?

Opened the small container yesterday and the oil is dark in color and really thick. Used a toothpick to take a dab out.

This oil is for a seizure patient.

Material used is 1.5 oz Star Tonic (15 cbd/10 thc) and .5 oz MK Ultra (16 thc~)

Only filtered once with cheese cloth, forgot about the wire filter.

Washed the material a second time for about a minute, then added to other liquid.

So I should have stopped the rice cooker before oil got too thick and put into the stainless cup and then put on coffee cup warmer?

It only took an hour and a half to cook off the 99% alcohol. About a quart and a half total.

To get oil out of the syringe, I may need to warm the syringe. Any suggestions?


Jan 17 2017
Overcooked for sure.

As the Run From the Cure video shows, when it gets to the point where you have to hold down the rice cooker, you should swirl it around to prevent burning and over heating. It will still be bubbly when you transfer to the small cup to be placed onto the coffee MUG warmer. Then allow it to finish purging there. The heat is low and serves a great purpose, reduces the chances of over cooking. Allowing it to finish bubbling out in the rice cooker, that is way too hot. But no worries, we learn from our mistakes. At least it was only with a couple of ounces and not 8 or more!! I have lost 4 ounces before by making a simple mistake.

One of the effects of burning the oil, besides being extra thick, is converting the THC to CBN, which can give a weed "hangover" the next day. Kind of hard to explain. CBN can be quite useful. I have read many times it can act like an antibiotic.

Practice makes perfect.

Unless you plan to store more than 5 years, room temperature is just fine, especially if you put the syringes in a mason jar. Just be sure it is not exposed to direct light.

To get product out of the syringes you can put the syringe in a sealed plastic baggie then submerge into a container of hot water, not boiling hot. It should become soft enough to push out after 15 minutes or so. That is how I have done it without a problem.


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