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Then, I treated another patient, for free. I wanted to double check and see if it would work twice in a row. This man was told he would surly die by the next Christmas if he did not receive the recommended chemo and radiation. They repeatedly told him that just an operation would not work. They guaranteed him that his suffering would be far worse with just an operation. I treated this person with the oil. He took a large amount of the oil, but still opted for the surgery to remove the tumor and tonsils, which was the source of the cancer. He is cancer free. Currently only two months away from the “next Christmas” It has been almost ten months now. The surgeon told the patient to not bother coming back for a scan for at least 1 year, confident that the cancer is gone. He is doing great, making his own oil, and taking his maintenance doses. Two grain of rice size doses per day. The doctors were completely wrong. I am 100% confident he will make it to Christmas and beyond, healthier than he has been in years. The oil must work; it appears that way with my experience. Because of RSO, this man has fully dodged chemo and radiation. If it were not for the RSO, I believe the doctors would have been right, the cancer would have spread, and he may not have lived to Christmas 2013. He is even back to work, confident, and happy. To treat this unknown patient for free, I put up an offer at MMMA website forum. Here is a link to that offer (the offer is no longer available). http://michiganmedic....atment-option/

This is the video I watched before making RSO (Concentrated Cannabis Oil) Run From the Cure.


Don’t get me wrong, I give God the glory for providing us with such a miracle plant.

A video of my first patient, he had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It has been two years and is still cancer free. He was caught off guard when this video was taken. He has told me many times that he wishes he would have given the credit to God for being cancer free. More than a year later, after treatment, my patient stopped taking his maintenance doses so he could keep his job. I am guessing it was a couple of months. He contacted me and said he thought his cancer was coming back, he also confessed that he stopped taking the oil. I told him to immediately start taking the oil again. He started taking the oil again, soon after made an appointment to get checked out. The lymph nodes that had begun to swell up before the appointment were completely back to normal. They could not find any signs of cancer. The patient has a new respect for taking his maintenance doses. It is now one of the most important things in his life. It has been about a year since. No signs of any cancer returning. He has continued to take his maintenance doses daily.

One more thing, this is a warning really. I strongly recommend making your own oil. Whether you grow your own buds or buy them, preferably grown organic. The odds of getting quality oil are very low. There are so many scams out there. It is so easy to scam people when it comes to making oil. You can make oil from all of the garbage from the plants, stems, leaves, etc. It is not the oil you need to treat serious illness. Much of the oil that is available on the streets or at dispensaries may not have been purged correctly. What solvent was used? That is very important; they could have used pure poison and not known it. Best to make it yourself, at least then you know what was used to make it. If you can make a cake or bake cookies, then you can make the oil.

I plan to put up some additional important information to my vaporizing blog (link above) soon, like results from winterizing top grade oil, for vaporizing only. Also, QWISO hash and how it works with the vaporizers that I show on the blog. QWISO is basically non-decarbed RSO, very similar to BHO, or even bubble hash.

Can't wait to get the results in and posted to the blog.

QWISO hash works great for e-cannabis and vaporizing it straight. I will add more in the future. I posted this blog up because my journal at Roll it Up is currently unavailable.

I hope this information is helpful.

Peace, and God bless.

Here is a link to my vaporizing blog (Future link to vaporizing blog)

Find me on FaceBook. I have been able to connect with Rick Simpson as well as many cancer patients, advocates, and oil makers.

Apr 07 2014

Here are some recent QWISO extractions. From now on my strain comparisons are strictly based on extractions. I no longer believe in smoking. For one thing I believe it destroys most of the medicine. Next best thing is vaporizing. I don't compare it to the medicinal value of ingesting RSO, but I think of it as a great medicinal advantage over smoking bud. To be straight up honest, I highly prefer and far more enjoy vaporizing concentrates vs. smoking anything.

With this QWISO I just let it fan dry. I preformed the same extraction method as I do with RSO, which is the frozen method. I used 99% isopropyl alcohol for the initial extractions.

Here are some pictures of the oil before I winterized. I winterized the oil later with 192 proof grain alcohol.

QWISO 4 different strains 3-29-14 022

QWISO 4 diff strains 3-29-14 019

4-G, you can see the grain of the table underneath. It has a lot of clarity to it. It is a wild strain from bag seed. It is the only oil that I have tried that offers a straight up ganja premium green taste. A powerful ganja taste.

QWISO evap transparent see table 3-29-14 030

4-G QWISO sample ready to winterize 3-29-14 050

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