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Aug 06 2014

I just got done doing an extraction with my 4-G so I could make some ND Sap and I got screwed! I do not see myself ever using 190 Everclear again, I also find it difficult to ever order anything from Wine Chateau again.

I will be ordering 192 proof polish vodka from this store now: Malloy's Finest Wine & Spirits

They don't even have 190 Everclear :( .

I sent the following to both Wine Chateau and Luxco Inc. (The Everclear bottling company). Of course I had to stretch the truth a bit of what I was using it for, but we all know here what it was for.

    I just sent this letter to Wine Chateau, who I purchased a bottle of 190 Everclear from. It was not my first purchase, but it is my first complaint. Same applies to you as Wine Chateau, I want to hear your side of the story. I have no interest in your money or in suing anyone. I want to know what to tell my followers. I would appreciate a quick response because my patience is wearing thin.

    "I just recently used the 190 proof Everlcear that I ordered in April of this year. It was not 190 proof at all. It would not flame like it should have. It lit, but only burned half and would not relight. I was even able to drink a shot without any burning of the mouth and throat. This stuff was like half watered down and extremely sweet. I would find it very difficult to believe it was more than 100 proof. It did not taste like any Everclear I have ever had.

    I saved this bottle to use in a recipe for an annual family reunion. It ruined my dish, and complete embarrassed me in front of my family,. I would say there was about $500 in damages in the food, including the alcohol.

    I would like to make something crystal clear. I don't give a darn about the $500 in loss. The stress and embarrassment, well, there is not enough money to make up for that. I don't want any money. What I would like is to know who is responsible, you or Everclear (Luxco, Inc.).

    I have thousands of followers on my blogs and forum posts. I am in to healthy living and healthy cooking. Just one of my posts has 168,000 views currently. I have links to your company all over. I just took 2 days off from work so I can go through and remove them. By no means would I wish to lead my followers to bad products. Still, who am I to put the blame on, Wine Chateau or Luxco, Inc.? Unless I know for sure who did this, and caused the great embarrassment and stress, I will have to tell my followers to avoid both.

    Even if this is just an issue with the bottling company, how could I confidently order anything from you again? I can't go through that kind of stress in my life, and I wish that upon nobody.

    I would like to hear what you have to say. I will also be contacting Luxco, Inc as well.

    I care more about my followers than any companies dirty money. I am disgusted, stressed out, and embarrassed. I want to be able to point my followers in the right direction."

If either of the companies reply, I will be more than happy to share with you their response. This is total bull and I got ripped off. I will never use Everclear again, at least not 190 proof.

When I get a chance, I will remove the links to Wine Chateau and references to Everclear.

Here is the site where I have nearly 168,000 views. I will be posting this information there. I would hate to learn of someone trying to make oil to fight cancer and run into the problem I have. My Experience with Rick Simpson Oil

With that last liter of 190 Everclear, I don't think oil made from that would be worthy of treating serious illness with.

Aug 06 2014
Here is the reply from the store:

    "We apologize for this situation but we are not the bottling Co.We are just online retailers.

    Was the seal intact when you received the item? Did you notice any unusual empty space in bottle other than the normal ?

    This is the one of the top selling item in our website. You can see the reviews/comments from customers about in the product description section in our website to verify their claims. Because of  being the highest proof, it is not allowed anymore to ship by air.We can ship only Ground.

    We have been shipping this all over the US and this is the first time we got complaint about its quality. Many laboratories, or medicine making co. orders from us and never, never had any kind of complaints about it being less proof. Sometimes they have  leakage or breakage issues which is normal.

    You may call Luxco and they will let you know  the reason but We must say you must give another try to this item."

My reply to them:

    "I have sent correspondence to Luxco. Whether or not the seal was broken before I used it I cannot say. I ordered it well in advance of needing to use it. I did not pay close attention to that. I have ordered the 190 proof Everclear from you in the past and did not have a problem.

    Let me add this, which seems to be a coincidence. The new store that I have recently purchased the Polmos 192 proof vodka from does not carry the 190 proof Everclear. They only carry the 151 proof. Makes me curious. I can't wait to see what response I get from Luxco.

    I see that you did not answer my question as to who you get the Everclear from. Is it direct from the bottling plant or from a distributor?

    I also noticed that on the same order, the 192 proof polish vodka is not what was pictured. I was expecting Polmos, but the brand label says Bak's. Have you changed distributors or something? I have no complaints with the polish vodka, but it sure seems fishy that the labels changed at the same time as I received the bad bottle of 190 Everclear.

    I will pass your reply along to my readers.

    I am not concerned about the past customers and their reviews. My concern is of the current most recent customers."

I can't wait to see what Luxco has to say.

This here has nothing to do with this conversation, just something we all may want to consider.

When I did the burn or fire test with the different alcohols in the pyrex dish, doing comparisons to try to figure out what the supposed Everclear really was, I also lit some 99% iso. I would like to share my results, it concerned me. I know for sure the iso is good, I used it on other extractions and have no complaints. The burn test bothers me. It burned dirty, half blue flame and half yellow flame, that is not good. What bothered me even more is it did leave a large amount of residue behind that did not burn. The 99% iso did not burn nearly as clean as the 192 proof polish vodka. The residue did air evaporate soon after, but still. That gave me the motivation to purchase a few bottles of the 192 proof polish vodka.

I have not given up on the 190 proof or higher grain alcohol, preferably the 192 polish vodka.

Sad how made in USA has to concern me so much. A lot of my products for my grow room that I paid almost double for, that were made in USA failed over the similar products made in China. I am not putting down American workers at all, Americans are the best. I am an American worker myself. It is just that I have really lost a lot of faith and confidence in American government and businesses, especially big ones.

Truth and honesty sure seems to be rare these days.

Whether the truth be ugly or beautiful, it should be told.

As soon as I receive the half case of 192 proof polish vodka that I ordered from the new store, the ND Sap experiment will continue.

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