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Here is the low grade before and after filtering. Simply running it through the paper filter cleaned it up more than I thought it would.



SBC QWET low grade 8-16-14 024

SBC QWET low grade filtered 8-16-14 028

When the final batch was almost finished purging, basically just water left on top with some THC, I poured the watery stuff off into another small pan. That has not been counted in my final quantity yet. Looks like it might be pretty good too. Pouring the water off and the extra step of filtering really made a difference on the color and texture of the oil. I think I am really liking it. I usually average around 4 grams of oil per ounce of premium bud. Considering on this run I got 4+ grams, I can't complain.

With the low grade oil, I mixed in some PEG400 NF/USP for my vaporizing. Usually I can't use the low grade oil for vaporizing, but in this case it came out pretty clean. Also, adding a few drops of some NF Organic flavoring can make all the difference.

Ready for e-cannabis.
SBC QWET 8-16-14 044SBC QWET low grade finished 8-16-14 043SBC QWET 8-16-14 049

I will have to do some more QWET extractions. The main goal is to see how long it takes to naturally decarb to get ND Sap.

The 4 grams in the 1 dram vial is priceless, can't wait to try it out, it looks really unique to me. It will be a nice Thanksgiving treat, especially if it does decarb naturally.

I do have some of the 4-G oil that was made with the bad Everclear set aside as well.

Aug 17 2014 09:58 AM

gg, do you have sense if the (paper) filtering is removing some of the "good" stuff along with the impurities?

Aug 17 2014
I would have to say yes medmanmike.

Technically there are not any impurities. Pretty much everything about the cannabis plant has some form of usable value.

Even the stems are usable and the seeds. Hemp seed oil for instance. Ground up stems are extremely high in fiber, a great supplement over medimucal.

I have been keeping the coffee filters from each extraction and keeping the remains jarred up and set aside. Not sure yet what I plan to do with it yet. If I believe it is worth it, I can use it separately. For instance, it can be made into a tincture and take that with the RSO dose.

I would have to assume most of the stuff left in the coffee filter has some form of medicinal qualities as long as it is not contaminated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers. I don't use any of that stuff in my grow.

Seems like most foods these days are laced with poison unless you make it yourself.

That is why I am trying to stick with NF additives. Just being USP does not give me that much confidence. NF/USP is more globally accepted and I feel better in the back of my head using products like that.

You can get PEG400 USP or pay a little extra and get the PEG400 NF/USP.

Aug 18 2014
gg, another question for you.  I see your reference to QWET, but couldn't find an explanation as to what it stands for on your blog. I googled and found Cannafarms explanation.  Same thing?  They use heat, right, but you still do a cold extraction?  Is QWET and your ND TAR the same thing? Thanks.

Aug 18 2014
QWET = Quick Wash Ethenal

I saw northern labs post somewhere on the forums what they all mean (QWISO, QWET, and others). That is why I chose ND Sap. Non Decarbed Sap. Sap is known as a thick clean looking cannabis oil with no explanation of what solvent was used. At least that is how I see it.

I do not use heat. If it is humid and you are stuck with just water after the alcohol is evaporated, you will have to pour off the water and recover the THC from it later.

Usually QWISO and QWET are not known to be ingested as far as I know. Letting it naturally decarb over 3 to 4 months, and if no heat was used, it is a superior oil compared to RSO. It should have more medicinal properties. The heat is a known culprit to degrading some of the qualities. Not to say RSO is no good, I just believe the naturally decarbed oil is better.

Yes, it is with a cold wash. I pretty much only do frozen washes. Now, if I were making oil to fight a serious illness, the prettiness of the oil would not be as important to me. The most important thing would be using quality buds.

Some of the most potent oil I have ever ingested was like a black tar. Higher in CBN which can work similar to antibiotics and can have a strong effect on the THC buzz. A bit undesirable for me. The really clean oil with higher THC is more enjoyable for me.

Aug 19 2014
gg, just wanted to follow up re doing a cold extraction with the kief hash.  I used one gram of kief and Everclear and followed your ND Tar instructions.  I did this extraction on July 30.  Last night, for the first time, I took my little spoon from the Stevia (sweetener) jar and filled it with the extracted kief that looks more like, you may recall, a putty rather than tar. This "spoon" is 1/64 of a Tablespoon.  Meaning, not much.  I put it in a 00 gel cap to consume.  WOW!  Very strong high.  The "up" lasted for a solid two hours - very smooth, very up, very calm.  The "down" was a little rougher - some anxiety, a feeling of "too much", etc.  The negative feelings didn't last very long.  I took the cap at 5:30 before dinner.  It hit me during dinner, about 6:15 and I still was feeling the body high when I went to bed at 10:30. 

I had vaped the kief previously, (same quantity) - both alone and added to some bud.  Both produced a very good buzz, etc., but nothing compared to the "putty."

The "putty" had sat, naturally decarbing for three weeks. My plan is to try it again at 30, 60 and 90 days to see if anything changes.  Any suggestings you have for monitoring or detailing the experience would be appreciated.

Next project is to make a QWET oil!

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