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Sep 24 2014
I wouldn't be so concerned with the quantity, I would be more concerned with the quality.

It has been just over 2 months. I sampled one of my QWET oils. It is still just a little bit decarbed, not fully yet. It just may take the full 120 days.

As long as it comes out like my last batch to where I can't even handle one droplet, well, that is what I am looking for.

Using nice looking bud like in your pictures, produces quality oil.

I am pretty much doing the same as you. Comparing QWISO vs. QWISO naturally decarbed. Eating the oil is by far the most efficient way to stay medicated. My very best oil, the ND Sap, one drop per day was a bit more than I can handle and it keeps me buzzed 24/7. On the weekends when I am not working, I can handle that one drop no problem. At work though, that is a problem.

I am excited to see each of our results. Just be prepared for it to take 120 days for it to naturally decarb.

Sorry it took me a while to reply. I have been pretty busy too.

Oct 07 2014
How does RSO compare to the Cannabis paste?  My wife has horrible migraines / occipital neuralgia and I don't have the equipment or space to make the oil.  The paste would be much more do-able for me.  I'm just not sure about the effectiveness of it.


Oct 07 2014
I am not familiar with cannabis paste so I really cannot comment on a comparison.

I do know that RSO works well.

Oct 29 2014
Little update with the ND Sap made with 190 proof grain alcohol, no heat.

Working with the grain alcohol has been a pain compared to 99% iso. I have not worked with the grain alcohol in the cold months yet, it may be a whole different game because of how dry my house is.

Grain alcohol and natural decarbing will not offer the good looks. It darkens as it ages or decarbs. It seems as if when it decarbs it releases CO2. My guess is that is what the bubbling is when I open the lid and it foams over. Some chemical reaction or whatever. It also can take place when shaking the vial without opening it. It builds up some serious pressure. I am no scientist so I don't know exactly what is going on. I can tell you what the scientist does not know. I have been taking a dose of this every day. I can tell you the changes it has made. It has been a weird experience to me. Different than my QWISO decarbing after winterizing and different than fresh RSO, still warm, that has not fully decarbed. Very noticeable differences between the three.

I started off taking my first oil every day after about 60 days. I also pre sampled it. It started off plain, no taste. Maybe a little grain alcohol I could taste (intentional to keep liquid and all medicinal properties). Then I started to get the cannabis taste. Over time it tasted more like cannabis. Something was going on there. Then it started to taste like alcohol and cannabis and I got a buzz. A buzz like I have never had. Mind you, this is a strain I have grown for over a decade (4-G) I know it very well. It has been about 90 days since I made the oil. However, the bud being a month old and the oil being 3 months old, it may require the 120 days if the bud were used immediately. Anyway, 90 days, BINGO! It went from some funny buzz, visual, body, but no head buzz. It almost made me feel depressed. That is what I never felt before. It felt as if the CBDs were overpowering the THC. The reason why I say that is the next day, I would wake up, still feel the buzz, but felt normal, like just THC effects. It is as if the CBDs wore off within 12 hours and the THC lasted longer. Just my opinion and first impression. After BINGO, around 90 days, the THC just doubled. It has only been 48 hours since it doubled at this point. It may double again by tomorrow. With the RSO, then continuing the natural decarb, it would all be done within 72 hours after BINGO. It would gain a good 40% if the original oil was treated very gentle during the process. When you reach full potency without damaging the oil or THC, the stuff can be as potent as LSD so to speak. Just different.

One thing I notice off this new oil is right around its decarbing I put a drop on my toothache and instant pain relief. It seemed to long term take away the pain, it has been bothering me for a while now. After treating it for 5 days with the new oil, and i have not had to put any more on it. The RSO did not help it. The ND Sap contains other medicinal properties besides THC and just some basic CBDs. I am convinced that the ND Sap is far more medicinal for almost any illness.

Again, working with grain alcohol is a pain, I don't like it except that it is safer.

I will report back on how it goes during the winter months. It may a whole different experience. If that is the case, I will happily make my annual amount of oil during the winter, no biggie.

ND Sap has proven to be different to me. More efficient, more medicinal, more effective, less wasteful, and potentially much safer for the average person to make since there is no heat involved. If you make it with grain alcohol, it is more difficult (for premium quality). It is as safe as it gets. Grain alcohol does not release much fume. The fume it does release is reasonably safe. There is no need to use the grain alcohol in any dangerous manner. You can make small quantities. The only pain is you will have to prepare 3 to 4 months in advance for every batch. Preferably 4 to 6 months in advance if not more when capable, especially if you have cancer. Maintenance doses are really convenient especially when you have high quality oil.

I will report back on how the other oil comes out. I haven't cracked it open yet. Don't think it has been 90 days yet, maybe I will wait 100 to 120.

I can't say that the new oil I made with grain alcohol is any stronger than the RSO I have made. The winterized QWISO is by far the most potent I have tried yet, naturally decarbed or not.


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