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Oct 31 2014
Posting here is just fine, great in fact. It adds content to the blog. Sharing different experiences is a great asset for sure.

The anxious feeling could be attributed to the material used.

At this time I have not made any adjustments to the QWET method or instructions aside from only filing the vials to about half full due to the gassing. I still want to experiment this winter in making it since the air in my hose will be so dry from the wood heat.

Winterizing is primarily used to clean up the oil, however, if you ask me, much of what is removed is essential medicinal properties. It gives a higher THC product, but lower medicinal properties. I can direct you to SkunkPharms blog site, it has to do with polarity, they explain it pretty well, but I don't think they realize the medicinal properties being removed. Winterizing for me and possibly you is easy. It would be an extraction done with 99% iso dried and finished basically, diluted with grain alcohol 190 proof or higher, get it mixed well, store in a jar in the freezer for 48 to 72 hours, pour the liquid through a coffee filter, purge, dry, done, you have winterized oil. The grain alcohol attaches to a lot of the compounds in the 99% iso oil. Sadly, flavanoids is one element that gets removed. Oil that is really clean and clear may not taste nearly as good as an oil with color. Depending on the flavanoids. If the oil is potent I like it in a more virgin state, not winterized. I am sure with winterizing you loose a lot of CBDs and terpenes. I must admit, winterized iso oil is the most potent. Winterized ND Sap provides an awesome buzz, extremely potent. The ND Sap vs. RSO, in my experience, the sap increases hunger more, assists with sleeping more, less anxiety, more medicinal properties, and the THC stays in your system longer too.
Skunk Pharm Research - Polishing Extracts

I don't have experience with ingesting bud material. My thoughts are allowing the bud to naturally decarb, no heat, bone dry, stored in jars in a dark place, for 3 or 4 months, then consume. My guess is it will be more potent and more medicinal.

I do not have experience with tinctures, unless of course you would consider the ND Sap a tincture since it is liquid.

I have not heard of anyone removing the chlorophyll from a tincture. My opinion would be it is best to avoid the chlorophyll to begin with. Frozen extractions with high proof alcohol, and not a long soak. Especially if the chlorophyll bothers your stomach.

I welcome your comments and sharing your experiences, always.

It is I who should be thanking you. I prefer it to be public. It can be very helpful to many.

Nov 01 2014
gg, made a batch of QWET this morning.  I've inclosed a pic of both "high" and "low" quality.

Question:  I'm unclear regarding the "evaporating" procedure.  Do you use a fan with the initial extract or just let it evaporate until most/all of the alcohol is gone?  Then, when it's in the purge pan, tip it, and run a slow fan across it?

I used one ounce of my best bud:  oz of Cannatonic,   of Jilly Bean and Girl Scout Cookies.  I'm please with the color of the high grade.  Based on your previous comments I could possibly expect a Tbsp of finished oil.  Sound right?  I ended up with 1 qt. of extracted liquid.  Thinking I may has used too much EA.
low high QWET

Nov 01 2014
I use a fan on the initial extract

You will just end up with more water than desired. It will just take longer to evaporate. If you have to you can pour off the water. Although, I will assume you are running some form of heat and the air will be more dry.

Nov 02 2014
Heat?  If you mean a furnace, yes.  I have the bowls in the basement - space issue - where it's about 65 and 50% humanity.  I'll just put a fan on them.  Last time it evaporated so quickly you may recall It got to dry on me.  Just have to watch closer.

The other issue I had preparing this batch is that it takes forever for the extract to go through a coffee filter.  Have you experienced this? When the "stream" turns to a very slow drip - a drop/5 seconds or so, I pulled the filter, gently squeeze it out, and started a new filter.  Other suggestions? 

Nov 02 2014
I use one of those reusable coffee filters. If I use a paper filter after that, it goes through more quickly being that it has already been filtered.

It filters through the paper filter very slow if the solvent is still very cold from the freezer.

Yes, the paper filtering can be a pain! I try to get the most filtered out with gravity and the reusable coffee filter because of what you have described with the paper filtering.

Nov 02 2014
Just another warning to patients: Make the oil yourself, I cannot express that enough. Whether you grow the buds or obtain them other ways.

I truly feel sorry for Rick Simpson, I have seen his claims work for myself countless times. I truly believe he just wants to help people help themselves. Instead, others are trying to prosper using his name and providing low grade oil and praying on the sick.


Here is a link to his official facebook page.


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