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Dec 31 2014
hi gg,  I hope you had a great Christmas and have something planned for tonight.  I had some minor nasal surgery yesterday so we're staying home and doing popcorn and a movie!

It's been a while since I updated you on my experiments, so here's some observations etc.

I started doing extracts this past summer:  Coconut oil canna butter; RSO, QWISO, QWET Sap; Added (heated 280 for 60 min) Decarbed bud in caps this fall.  Here's some of my experiences, which may be unique to me, the quality of the products or just in how i'm consuming them.

Commonalities:  for the oils/tar, I put an amount equal to a small grain of rice if it's "solid" or a drop(s) about the size of a large wooden, kitchen match head if it's liquid, directly into the mouth or in a 00 or 0 cap. For the butter, I put 1 milliliter in a cap. I find 1 milliliter can be too strong, so I often cut a cap in half.  With  the decarbed bud, I've experimented with ⅛ gram or gram in a cap trying to find the sweet spot.  I kinda of modeled this after your effort with taking a joint and cutting it into quarters or thirds.  Do you know what your joints weigh?  Mine come out around ⅓ gram and 'usually' about all I can smoke at one setting is of the joint.

Overall use/reactions:  this is generally true for all of the products:  If I take one of the above on an empty stomach, it hits me pretty hard within an hour. If I wait and take it after eating - either immediately or up to two hours later, it often takes 2-3 hours before I feel anything (at least feeling a buzz, there may be some pain relief and a general sense of well-being.)  Early in the trial, if I didn't feel anything after an hour/hour and a half, I would take another, which was then too much.  Trying to find the right dosage and the right timing remains an issue.

My oils and saps are now at least 120 days old.  I don't have enough experience with them to know how much they've improved by letting them sit.  You may recall that some of my early oils were made with trim so they may not be that potent to begin with.

The most recent QWET Sap - shown in the pic I posted earlier in the blog is being weird.  Meaning, I wrapped it in tinfoil as it was too think to put in a syringe or pour into a glass vail.  The tinfoil wrapped sap was stored with the fold up, in a glass jar, in a drawer in the 60-65 basement. When it turned 100 days I looked at it and some of the sap had found its way out of the folded tinfoil and had pooled on top of the foil or on the glass itself.  Strange. The foil was laid flat with multiple folds, so I don't know what was going on to get it to move.  NOTE:  I happened to open a vial of a previous oil the other day and it "popped" when taking the cap off and there was a noticeable cloud or fog that quickly disappeared. Obviously, there is some kind of chemical reaction taking place.  I think you've experienced this too?

I'm also finding that all of the extracts give me an "up" so there have been a few nights when I did't get much sleep :-(  Yes, most strains are hybrids, Sativa dominate, but even the Cannatonic that is supposed to be 1:1 with THC/CDB gives me this effect.  With the oils and decarbed bud, I've tried extending the process time so there is more degrading to CBDs for a more sedative effect, but.

Having said this, on occasion when taking one it knocks me out so I sleep pretty good.  Why the different effects from one time to another, I don't know. My physical state?  Mental state?

When ingesting one of the above, I'm working on the timing for taking a second dose and find that the second dose never seems as powerful as the first.  This isn't making sense to me. Logic tells me that it would either boost or extend the "high", but the second dose isn't all that noticeable.  Have you ever experienced this?

I will often vape some bud shortly after taking a cap to obtain some relief before it kicks in.  I've also noticed that when the effects of ingesting begins to taper off, a couple of vapes will kick it in gear again.  This makes me think that ingesting a second cap in lieu of vaping should do the same. Thoughts?

Recently, I was going through my oils. One, was very thick and lumpy - probably too much bud remained.  Anyway, I was cleaning up the edge of the bottle and washing off the eye dropper as it was clogged up.  As I got oil residue on my fingers and tools, i.e. toothpick, I licked it off.  Didn't think I took too much, but....About three hours later, it hit me so hard, that while on the way to friends for the evening I had to turn around and go home (wife was driving).  There was no way I was going to be able to mix with a group for a birthday party!

How is the ingesting of raw (ND Bud) going for you? I'm finding it convenient, but its hard to get the dosage right.

That's it for now.  I'm getting ready to switch the current grow to 12/12.  This time I'm doing one PineApple Trainwreck and one Gold Leaf I'm using the Mainling aka Manifold method of pruning.  Both looking really good.

Jan 01 2015
Everything you have mentioned is pretty much the same as I have experienced. Obviously you are working with quality material and are doing things right.

You mentioned opening a vial and it "popped". I have experienced the same. My analogy is that there is a chemical reaction going on while the oil naturally decarbs. The chemistry change is the creation and release of CO2. That is how the oil in the foil found its way out! It does not surprise me, due to the decarbing process, even though it does not make sense. I have taken the cap off a 1/2 full vial, let it sit on the table while I was doing something else and within about 5 minutes it just started bubbling over. I lost a lot of oil on that one! That was under the 100 day mark, but close. So it climbed right out of the vial onto the table!

I am not sure yet if we should be "burping" the vials every week or so or just leave them alone until the 120 day mark. Either way, we must be aware of the potential for an overflow! Wise to have a clean plate, foil, or other glass item under the vial while opening in order to reclaim any losses.

If I had to guess, my joints weigh about the same as yours, about 1/3 gram. A large joint would be 1/2 gram. I only ingested the naturally decarbed buds for about a week and then documented the experiences. After that I went back to the ND Sap because I prefer it. Just much easier for me to just eat a drop or two every day or every other day. It seems that with the naturally decarbed buds, that your experiences have exceeded mine. I really appreciate you posting about it. Wild Bill told me that with eating the ND buds, taking the dose about 1/2 before a meal seemed to work best. In his case, it was heat decarbed, so there could be a difference.

I will agree that it is difficult to find the sweet spot with the naturally decarbed buds.

The only thing you mentioned that I have not had the same experience is the second dose of oil. If I eat a second dose of oil in the same day I will get blasted and I usually regret it. There are many factors to be considered that could be causing the effects.

Regarding taking a second cap in lieu of taking a couple of vapes, well, for me, I think it would kick me in the butt too hard. Worth the try though. I have noticed the same, hit the vape or a couple of hits from a joint, it kicks the buzz back in.

I have had my patients report to me that their pain meds (norco, vicodin, etc.) when they are taking the oil and eat a pain pill, they don't feel the effects of the pill, it seems to drastically increase the effects of the oil. It seems that the oil prevents the euphoria from the pills, but increases the THC effects. With larger doses of oil, they are unable to take the whole pill because they get too high.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

for sharing your thoughts and experiences! It is of great value to the blog and a great way to reflect back on our experiences!

Happy New Year!


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