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Aug 25 2015
I recently posted the following on a different forum regarding my experience and theories to naturally decarbed oil vs. heat decarbed oil.

​I think I may have figured it out. It has been shown on some graphs in the PDF document I left the link for above, that shows at 110F and above can start causing the terpenes to evaporate without a doubt.  I do have other documentation to support that.

In my herbalist books, it says that the terpenes are very delicate and to avoid evaporating them off, they recommend using a double boiler and keeping the temps between 95F - 110F, no higher. If the temps go higher, they recommend to add fresh terpene extracts.

What I think I figured out: I mentioned that I thought the heat was causing the THC to oxidize during heat decarbing. I no longer think that is the case, I believe there is no damage to the THC when heat decarbing, when done properly. Going by this document, it appears that with the full amount of terpenes, (I believe using heat to decarb it seriously evaporates the terpenes based upon the research I have done as well as my experiences) it alters the blood brain barrier and alters the THC and much more.
Chemistry and Analysis of Phytocannabinoids and Other Cannabis Constituents

Here is an excerpt from the document: PDF Pg. 24

     "It has been suggested that the terpenoid constituents of Cannabis modulate THC activity, for example, by binding to cannabinoid receptors, modulating the THC receptor affinity, or altering its pharmacokinetics (e.g., by changing the blood–brain barrier;..."

Another excerpt: PDF Pg. 12

    • "The typical scent of Cannabis results from about 140 different terpenoids. Isoprene units (C5H8) form monoterpenoids (C10skeleton), sesquiterpenoids (C15),diterpenoids (C20), and triterpenoids (C30;seeTable 2). Terpenoids may be acyclic, monocyclic, or polycyclic hydrocarbons with substitution patterns including alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, and esters. The essential oil (volatile oil) can easily be obtained by steam distillation or vaporization. The yield depends on the Cannabis type (drug, fiber) and pollination; sex, age, and part of the plant; cultivation (indoor, outdoor etc.); harvest time and conditions; drying; and storage (29–31). For example, fresh buds from an Afghani variety yielded 0.29% essential oil (32). Drying and storage reduced the content from 0.29 after 1 week and 3 months to 0.20 and 0.13%, respectively (32). Monoterpenes showed a significantly greater loss than sesquiterpenes, but none of the major components completely disappeared in the drying process."

That would explain everything regarding the differences I have been noticing between heat decarbed oil and naturally decarbed oil. When using my fully heat decarbed oil I can't get a buzz to last any longer than 12 hours. With the fully naturally decarbed oil, the buzz lasts 48 hours or more and it is very comfortable. No anxiety at all. I am confident it is due to the presence of the terpenes that get lost during a heat decarb process. These terpenes can be easily lost in the grow room as well, should the plants not be in a perfect environment getting everything it wants and needs.

These are the conclusions I have come to with the difference between heat decarbed and naturally decarbed. If it were me with a serious illness, such as cancer, I would want to use both types of oil and also include fresh bud. Heat decarbing does alter some of the chemistry and converts some of the cannabinoids into another medicinal form. That is why I would want to use both for a serious illness. When it comes to just staying medicated I would choose to only use the naturally decarbed oil because I feel more comfortable and it lasts longer. Also, it has topped heat decarbed oil when used for aches, pains, cuts, toothaches, etc.

I can fully understand someone preferring the heat decarbed oil as it does offer a different buzz.

This is just based upon my opinion and the experience I have had. I am sure it could be different for others.

Sep 06 2015
So sad that cannabis is still a schedule 1 drug. Our government has sold us out. They know that cannabis is one of the best medicines on earth. So why do they still have it as a schedule 1 drug? Why are people still being put in prison for it? Because the pharmaceutical companies are making it that way. They are the ones paying for the anti-marijuana campaigns and bribing the government officials to keep it as a schedule 1.

Here is more proof than anyone needs to back up my claim. At least 700 links to medicinal studies conducted on cannabis. Over 1000 pages of information. I don't see how anyone can deny that cannabis is a super medicine when grown and used correctly.

Thanks to Knucklehead bob for posting on the forum which lead me to this more up to date document.
Granny Storm Crow's MMJ Reference List- January 2013

Here is a link to the main source of the PDF, Granny Crow's facebook page:

Here is a link to weedbay with more information and links:

Nov 29 2015
Hi gg,  how are you?  Haven't posted much here of late, but I continue to read your posts, etc.  I'm writing today hoping you might offer your 2 cents worth on my situation.  I haven't made any extracts of late - can't seem to use up what I've got, but I did break out the nd sap I made back in January and I must say it's pretty good.  For reference, you can review earlier posts above. You may recall that this batch turned really gooey, sap-like.  I scraped it up the best I could, formed it into a cake, wrapped it in parchment paper and sealed it in a jar.  A couple of month ago, I started testing it and it is very potent.  I dose with about .1 g (by weight) in a gel cap.  Once it kicks in - < 1 hour on an empty stomach, 3-4 hours if taken after eating.  I get good relief, but it doesn't last long.  I get about 3-4 hours of pain relief. 

My issue is that I wake up often during the night, in pain, which makes it difficult to sleep.  If I can get comfortable and/or take a couple of draws from my vape, I can usually get back to sleep for an hour or two.  The bottom line is my quality of sleep is terrible and I wake up very early in considerable pain.

My dosing looks like this.  Usually around dinner time I'll take a cap and then again at bedtime.  I'm reluctant to take a higher dose as a single dose can be pretty heavy at times.  I'm about ready to try a double dose at bed time.  I've thought, too, that maybe dosing throughout the day would be better as it would build up in my system and carry over through the night. Alternatively, I could take another dose during the night, but unsure how it would effect my getting up in the morning.

I also have not found the right strain for me yet.  I generally let the plants go a little long to get more sedative properties, but I'm thinking that there may be to much "sativa" in the strains I have, which may be impacting my not staying asleep. I'm trying DJ Short's Blueberry this time (freebie) and will be anxious to see how this works.  I'm also looking for the next grow at the CBD-crew's beans, which a lot are a 1:1 ratio to THC/CBD.  Thoughts?

So, I was wondering if you could offer some advice - not medical, of course (wink, wink).  It seems to me you've said that you dose throughout the day and your meds often last for 24 or more hours.  If only....

Any thoughts or ideas you have will be appreciated.  Thx.  mmm.

Nov 29 2015
gg, one other thing. Have you seen this dosing chart?


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