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My Experience With Portable Vaporizers For Concentrated Cannabis Oil and E-Cigarette Oil

Originally posted June 14, 2013

My journey with pen vaporizers began with quitting smoking cigarettes. 30 years of smoking cigarettes, it was well time to quit.

I started off with purchasing a Dream Vapor Electronic Cigarette kit for $25.99. It took me about a week before I could fully stop the cigarettes and only use the e-cigarette. The first couple of weeks I noticed that my lungs were clearing up and I could breathe better. That is when I realized that I just had to make concentrated cannabis oil work in one of these refillable tank style e-cigarettes.

ATTENTION: The information and links I have posted throughout this blog were as I was learning. My opinion in some of the things has changed. Like the $37 SVD, it is low quality and not the real deal. I recommend the $89 kit through High Desert Vapes. The Dream Vapor, I no longer recommend that product. As far as it goes with the the C4 Clearomizer, I do not recommend that for cannabis oil, but it is acceptable for e-cigarette oils. For e-cigarettes, or any pen battery use, I recommend the eGo C Twist variable voltage batteries only, preferably the 650mAh. As you get to the end of the blog, you will see that I have gained more experience. I have tried the concentrate straight, e-cannabis oil, and I have found preferred products. In other words, read the blog to the end before making a product decision.

After some failures in testing different mixtures, I found what seems to work best. It seems that Propylene Glycol USP, which is a component used in many of the e-cigarette oils, works best. It is important to be sure to get Propylene Glycol USP. The PG USP is used in medicines and some food and beverage processing. It is also great for using in topical solutions. PG USP helps medicine penetrate skin and tissue which enables the medicine to enter the bloodstream more quickly and easily. PG USP also helps chemicals bond together.

The PG USP reduces the temperature required to vaporize the RSO (Concentrated Cannabis), which makes it possible to evenly vaporize the RSO with the e-cigarettes.

I have compared vaporizing straight RSO vs. RSO with PG USP added. For portable electronic vaporizers, RSO with PG USP seems better to me, I prefer it. It is not only the vaporizing with an e-cigarette, there are other benefits. Such as, being able to hold 1/2 ounce worth of bud, transformed into oil in the vaporizer tank. One fill can keep a patient medicated for weeks. You just cannot beat the convenience. Also, it seems to have a different effect when inhaling. It is almost like taking a draw from a medicine inhaler.

It is easy to mix the PG USP with the RSO. All you need to do is gently warm the RSO in a large spoon or small bowl just until it begins to "melt". Remove from the heat and mix in the PG USP. I have found that a 70% RSO to 30% PG USP works best. However it can vary any where from 10 - 50% PG USP, also personal preference fits into the equation. After the RSO and PG USP are mixed well, suck it up into a syringe. You now have E-Cannabis oil ready to fill an e-cigarette tank and start vaporizing your oil!

Since I have started doing this, I have not even desired to smoke a joint. I think in the last 3-4 weeks I have smoked maybe one.
001 Vaporizer Collection 6-11-13 011002 E-Cannabis Oil aka G-Oil003 Portable adjustable vaporizer004 Surfing and Vaping  6-7-13 005

Keep checking back for more information.

June 16 2013
The larger vaporizer in the picture above is probably my favorite for home use. It is not really very stealthy. The tank up above that holds the oil, I am so happy and excited. I am having a professional glass blower make me a custom glass tank. I gave them their choice of two different options of a marijuana leaf to put on it. Either three small leaves or just one nice large one. Also, with a custom blown glass mouthpiece which are called drip tips. It will probably be a couple of weeks before they can get it made and sent to me. The unit that goes in the center of the tank that heats the oil only, for the glass, is called a cartomizer. The vaporizer in the picture, that type would be a wick style clearomizer. I have not tried a cartomizer yet, at least not a real one. I just can't wait to get that bad boy and show it!

Also, the glass or the one in the picture, they will fit a regular pen style vaporizer as they have the same threads. Inner threads are called 510. Outer threads are called Ego.


June 16 2013
Great news!

Every patient I have tried this with, each one said that it seemed like the way to go.

That is not the great news. The great news is the most experienced patient I know that consumes cannabis, and I trust his opinion the most, it is the first time I heard him say that it was killer. I have never even heard him say that. He is old school. He said, and I agree, the buzz was definitely different, lasted much longer than smoking cannabis, and everybody that has tried it said that it gives more of a body buzz. He also said it is the first time he vaped or smoked and it reminded him of just eating the oil, not the same as, but reminded him of the effects.

Now what this tells me, and I agree with everything he said, is that with the PG USP mixed with the RSO is much more medicinal. I believe in almost all cases vaporizing RSO straight degrades the medicinal effects. This is only my opinion, but I definitely feel confident in the e-cannabis oil and its medicinal potential.

Jun 18 2013
I have a lot more to add to this blog, but for now, I will cut through the BS and show my two favorite vapes and another one that I like.

SVD on the left.
005 Vape Pens  6-18-13 011


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