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September 27, 2015
Check out this video. They show driving through the California wildfires. Pretty intense.

Sad, our governments are more concerned with the Syrian refuges, weapons, and war than what is going on in our own country. They may have to evacuate a large portions of CA. Not just due to the wildfires, but also due to the drought, no drinking water.


September 29, 2015
Food storage.

This is most of my stores. Have about 500 pounds of food vacuum sealed for long term storage. Really couldn't afford it, but I don't regret the investment. Rather have it an not need it vs. need it and not have it.
food storage 9-29-15 025

 Not too late to start storing food for emergencies.

November 1, 2015
I have a bit more food than what is shown above, but need to get more.

Now that our government is challenging China and Russia, I feel more uncomfortable. Future war could be EMP strikes, cutting fiber optic cables, or shooting down satellites. Our society depends on those things.

Here is another very serious reason to start prepping now. This person recommends 1 year worth of food per person. I have seen quite a few videos. He may not mention the food amount in the following video. He also recommends having firearms (weapons), to protect your food supply. I highly recommend to watch this video. Just another catastrophe that may come. Our sun is going into hibernation. This could mean not enough food or fuel. Crops would be damaged. This guy is a specialist and knows what he is talking about and has the credentials to back it up. NASA, other government departments, and other specialty areas. There are other videos backing his claims. It has already begun, it started in 2013.


May 11, 2016
Back to weapons and protection.

Be sure to have a decent quality folding knife that can be carried in your pocket. Something like the large Cold Steel Espada. Nothing smaller will be adequate. Anything smaller than a 5.5 inch blade, you will need to be super tough. A blade that is 5.5 inches or larger and razor sharp can be the difference of life and death.

Don't underestimate the Large 5.5 inch or the Extra Large 7.5 inch Cold Steel Espada. It will take practice to open quickly since they are so large, but the practice will be well worth it.

July 10, 2016
Can i move in with you when the collapse happens?I can hunt and fish, proficient with rifles and side arms, carpenter!!!

January 13, 2018
Back in July of 2015 I briefly spoke about investing in Gold and Silver, stating that it was not something that I could afford to invest in, nor others close to me. Well, I have recently discovered that I was mistaken. It is not necessary to put down all available cash and purchase silver. Silver bars can be obtained over time. Right now, you can get a 1 Troy ounce bar for around $20, give or take a buck or two. Now that is easy to do, and well worth making the investment, small amounts at a time. Now I can’t afford gold at the going rate of $1,300+ per ounce, but I can invest in silver, and you can too. Silver has nowhere to go but up in value.

Here I have some 1, 5, and 10 troy ounce bars. I think I like the 1 and 5 the best for storage and possible future trade.
Silver_20180112 010

I have been buying the silver bars from APMEX. They offer free shipping for purchases over $100, but I always add the insurance option. May as well, the cost is minimal. Really don’t have much invested at this point, but something is better than nothing. I would prefer to have a tangible asset rather than a certificate.


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