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When I have the slab wood delivered I usually have to purchase a minimum of 11 bundles to get a good deal. The truck they bring it on has this cool claw mechanism on a boom. The claw can grab the bundles and stack them easily. During the more mild winters I used almost all 11 bundles. With these last few deep freeze winters I have had to use more, up to 14. The last delivery was two loads, 11 bundles then an additional 3, and the cost was just under $500, so I just gave him the $500 to give him a tip. We could fetch the wood ourselves for $20 per bundle, but that is a lot of work loading then unloading the trailer, not to mention the wear and tear on the vehicle taking multiple trips. My son is happy that we have it delivered now! He doesn't mind cutting it, just didn't like fetching it. That amount of wood, 14 bundles) easily heats my house for the entire winter as well as late fall and early spring. The chain saw consumes about 5 gallons of gas per season and I go through 2 chains, sometimes more. After burning up a lot of different chain saws over the years, I would have to say our favorite is the Jonsred 16" 45cc. If I had to choose something else it would be Huskevarna. Actually they are made by the same company, but, not all of the parts are interchangeable.

I think that about covers it.

I had seen advertisements about running dual well pumps on 4" and larger wells, but could not get confirmation from the well drillers themselves. If you purchase a hand pump, I highly recommend American made. On the top of my hand pump there is a spot to connect a windmill to it! Too bad it is in the middle of the woods! LOL I also purchased an adapter for the faucet that can thread to a hose and pump water above your head or into an RV (with a hose that is meant for drinking water for the RV).

After living up north a while I have learned where to find the good deals and who to get the best work done from.

August 6, 2015
For how crazy things have been looking these days, and how many biblical events that have been prophesied and fulfilled, I choose to spend half of the money I saved for a new metal roof on the well. I have no regrets even if no disasters happen. Too much like the Twilight Zone these days. Already had a power outage since getting the well. Sure is a good feeling knowing I have access to water even if it is only to flush the toilet with a bucket.

I am also fortunate this way. I have a wood burning stove at each end of my house. Half of my house can be easily blocked off, the side with all of the plumbing. So, if I had to, I could get by blocking off half the house and only using one wood burner. Might have to camp out on the kitchen floor though!!

August 7, 2015
Update: I am guessing you have an older 4" American steel well. In a way you are lucky, can't get good American steel anymore. I probably would have chosen a 4" steel well, but the steel pipe available is manufactured in China.

I was right when I said a hand pump can be added to a 4" existing well, but it can be a pain. The 4" is the smallest that it can be done with when it has a submersible electric pump. If you can get a 1" pipe to go down your well, then you should be able to have a dual hook up. This website Dean Bennett Supply talks about it. The link is to their emergency hand pump. It is the real deal and is quality. If I already had a 4" well, I would have considered the emergency hand pump. I do like the idea that my separate property has its own well with an old fashioned look to it.

This emergency well pump may be more than what you were hoping for. You may be able to run your house with it and pressurize your existing system. It may take some extra fiddling to get the 4" to work.

Take a look at the Q & A at the bottom of the page link I provided. It should answer most of your questions, but keep in mind the questions and answers may not be complete and can be a bit deceiving. I would contact them for your specific questions.

Another solution, maybe going with a shallow well with a hand pump. You can filter and boil the water for cooking and bathing. The Baker company offers both types of well pumps. I trust the Baker Company products. They seem to really stand behind their products and answer many questions that other pump manufacturers do not. Make sure you check out their entire site. The page links are at the bottom.

If I already had a 4" well like you, I would have put my hand pump on the 4" well and I would have drilled a new 5" well for the house. I am not really a fan of the 2" wells because you can't pump as much water from them and there are not as many options.

My new hand pump is by Baker. It would require a minimum of a 10" diameter well to use the hand pump with a submersible pump. So for people like us with wells smaller than 10", the stainless steel emergency pump is a good option or go with 2 wells like I just did. I can even attach an electric or gasoline pump on my hand pump well to supply my house if I want. It seems that Baker is the heavy duty set up for hand pump wells with many options.

Here is another page of information: How To Put a Hand Pump In My Water Well

Make sure you take a look at the pitless adapter. You probably already have on on your well and you can install one yourself with the tools they offer so you can use the hand pump in the winter during emergencies.

August 8, 2015
Here is a video that will give you a general idea of what it could be like if the power grids go down. This video may even be an understatement of what could happen.


August 8, 2015
For a shit hits the fan scenario, you may want to consider a guard dog or two. For each individual, a different breed will serve better. Whether it be a small dog to alert you or a German Shepherd that gets along better in a group. Alaskan Malamute are good pack dogs. I would have to say the Malamute is the toughest of them all, at least mine was. I saw a survival video and the guy had a pack of German Shepherds and some he had titanium teeth implanted replacing their canine teeth.

For me, I choose an American Akita. They do not work well in packs, but work great with the family. They are very squirrelly and unpredictable with strangers. Very tough and aggressive. My Akita would protect any family member with his life. When a stranger is around my property, I feel more comfortable confronting the stranger with my Akita over a gun. All I would have to do is drop the leash and the Akita would know exactly what to do. Let's just hope I never have to do that.

In the pictures below he is not quite 2 yet. Currently he is just over 2 now.
Akita 4-20-15 025 croppedHandsome 4-20-15 028Giving mama hugs 2-25-15 024

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