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July 28, 2015
The most important prep is knowledge. Know how to grow raise hunt or trap and preserve food. Know basic first aid have at least a 3 month supply of medication. Know how and where to obtain safe drinking water


August 2, 2015
great post thanks!

I added solar panels to the list three years ago, a house interface, portable inverters, seeds for 45 acres. stocked pond, full chicken/duck coop, a wall of game traps, unhunted property full of big/small game,  my pole barn grow room can be converted(and has been) to a steel sided greenhouse in an afternoon. 12 roof panels in storage, and voila!, the three of us still have cannabis!  Solar chargers, lights, inverters, attic fans, water pumps, air pumps..all stocked now. I'll miss people, a little.

August 5, 2015
trichcycler - solar panels is on my wish list. Rule of thubm about a buck a watt.

At least I finally got the hand pump installed on my well. Nice clean water too!

Deep woods hand pump deep well with perfectly fresh and drinkable water!
well 8-5-15 021hand pump 8-5-15 030hand pump 8-5-15 027

Not quite finished yet. Needs to have a platform built around it for stability and ease of use. Might even put a picnic table in the area too!

 The best well driller here in Central Michigan who offers the best service and price is Dodd and Son Well Drilling, LLC. 

If you are in the Central Michigan area and need a well drilled or repaired, I highly recommend Dodd and Son Well Drilling if you want quality, honesty, and a fair price.

August 5, 2015
I Have been playing around with the food dehydrator and I love it!

Here are a few examples:

A 3 pound bag of petite carrots, dehydrated.
petite carrots 8-5-15 024petite carrots 8-5-15 025

Seriously, that was a 3 pound bag! I will be transferring them to a canning jar then vacuum seal for long term storage.

3 small apples sliced into bite size pieces:
apple 8-5-15 023

Perfect alternative to snacking on potato chips!

5 medium bananas, sliced.
banana 8-5-15 011

Yummy sweet snack!

1 pineapple sliced.
Pineapple 8-5-15 010

This is in a quart size zip-loc bag. Such a delicious sweet sanck!

 Just look at the possibilities with the dehydrated foods. You have the option of long term storage, ease of a quick grab-and-go snack with the fruits, and less storage space needed. It is nice being able to store food when it does not require refrigeration. I plan to experiment with more vegetables and put together "instant" meals like vegetable soups and stews.

 Next on the agenda: BEEF JERKEY

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