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I started thinking this way since I have lost faith in our society globally. I trust God and the best advice I have is to surrender to Jesus Christ. I certainly do not trust the American government!





I do have a strong trust in my faith. As you can see here in this snapshot of a YouTube video, you can see that strange events take place on Jewish holidays during the end of the Shmita cycle. This does not count the star of Bethleham which I believe also was visible during a Jewish holiday.
biblical times 2015 8-5-15 013

I have seen many videos that are just as bad. That is why I am preparing, but have learned that really, it is a better way of life and can save thousands in grocery bills. Buy in bulk, or catch the awesome sales. Dehydrate and vacuum seal or just vacuum seal and store in the freezer. Its a win/win actually. Even the hand pump well is a win/win for me. The power went out? For me, I don't have to worry about not having water even when the power is out.

I have lost all trust when it comes to the power company providing power. I can't count the number of outages we have had, even during good weather. It kind of forced me to switch to burning wood for heat. Thankfully I live up north in the woods where it is more convenient to make that adjustment.

Here is a winter season of wood for my heating needs. This is 14 bundles of slab wood from the Amish saw mills. I get it delivered and stacked behind my garage.
wood for heating 7-21-15 014

I can't wait to experiment more with my food dehydrator and share with you some really cool recipes.

August 6, 2015
I've some questions for you Lady , I hope you don't mind.

I've looked into these well pumps. My scene has the same pipe and cap)steel though  I think(?)  and this has a deep in the well pump.   if yours is like that and someone put a pump on top of it, and everything else still works perfectly, and with no power you can pump, and winter is no issue.....then I want one.....rough cost please of hand pump/install?

that slab of wood.....cost please?

I know its all over the map depending on season, distance, etc. .....just trying to figure out logistics...

you really should move closer to me before you hunker down too much....

August 6, 2015
trichcycler I will do my best to answer, but I don't have all of the answers regarding the well.

Updated information, see two posts below

My house has an old 2" well with an external pump that provides great water.

The new well was put in on my property that is next to me. The new well is a 5" PVC. I am not sure how much just the well cost was, but the package with the hand pump and all of the necessary accessories was estimated at just under $4,900 for a 100 foot well. Luckily on my property they did not have to drill that deep to get to good water. My cost was around $4,300. More than $1,000 cheaper than any other well drillers around. I have worked with Dodd and Son before and I like their work and their ethics.

I believe it will work all winter. The well man asked and we said yes we would probably be using it in the winter should there be a power outage. He drilled a hole in the drop pipe at 4 feet (below the frost line) so that the pump and pipe will drain and not freeze. Downside, it takes about 5 pumps to start getting water. Otherwise you would have to figure out how to drain it in the winter to prevent cracking. I am going to play it safe and when I build the platform around the well I will also have a pavilion put up. Then get one of those tiny wood burners to warm the pump site when needed. If an emergency occurred, I will put up temporary walls in the winter, fire up the wood burner if it is below freezing, and I got water. This may not be necessary, but we know how cold it can get here in Michigan. Just for a basic power outage and a couple days use, there should not be a problem with freezing during the winter when pumping water. During a catastrophe, getting water daily during the winter, it may be necessary to have a heat source available to prevent the pump from freezing when drawing water.

I have done a little research on running 2 drop pipes in the same well where the hand pump would be off-set with an egg shaped collar. I don't think that is usable with a submersible pump unless it were a 6" or 8" well. I am just guessing here, I asked all of the well guys and none said they had even heard of running a dual set up. They said that they would have to see it to understand how it worked. I am just guessing a 4" would be the smallest it could be done with. That is what you have, 4" well casing (you can't get a good steel well anymore, the pipe is no longer manufactured in US, it all comes from China and it is junk), mine well is 5" PVC. The 5" PVC would probably be the same. You would have to change out your electric pump to a 2" set up with an external pump so both drop pipes can fit in the 4" casing next to each other and that would be a tight fit. The pipe to the 2" electric pump would have to go to a T fitting mounted to the 4" casing, the 2" electric pump motor can be quite a distance away if necessary. My old house well was hooked up like that. I had a 2" well, but the pump and motor were installed inside the house, about 30 feet from the actual well. That well was 120 feet deep. Don't see that very often though with the pump in the house. Mine worked just fine. The cost to convert an existing 4" well with a submerged pump into a dual pumping well would probably not be worth it since you would have to change your existing drop pipe and other parts. Not 100% sure here, only guessing. Again, this is my best guess, I have not been able to confirm it but it is the way that makes sense to me.

If you plan to own your property for the rest of your life, there is nothing wrong with investing in an additional well with a hand pump. At first I was thinking of it like you, trying to get 2 for 1, but none of the well guys seemed confident in that. I didn't mind investing in my additional property since I love the property so much.

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