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Here is a small sample of some of the parts I used in this modification. I have many more parts to go.
Parts 9-27-14 053

It adds up quite a bit. I haven't even shown a picture of the in-line can fan dampers. Those cost $25 and up, but they work really well. When I get a chance I will post a picture of them.

Still working on finishing up the exhaust system on the outside of the flower closet. Right now it is in a temporary state.

Oct 11 2014
Here are a couple pictures of the CanFan 6" in-line damper.
CanFan inline damper open 10-11-14 015CanFan Inline Damper closed 10-11-14 016

They are really worth the money. They have almost no restriction on the airflow. They have a high quality feel. Great for light proof, good for any back draft prevention. The design is really good on them.

Either way, I like them. A good product.

Here is where I got the dampers and also where I get most of my grow room supplies. https://4hydroponics...ackdraft-damper

Oct 25 2014
can fan in room 9-27-14 087

I made more progress with this and I invested more into it to get it just the way I wanted. Then I got b itch slapped, rude awakening. A whole new design and set up is a must. Luckily it is the cooler months right now and I can get by with just one exhaust fan. At least I have until spring to come up with a new idea. I have some ideas floating around. THE REALITY IS -- STEALTH IS A MUST --

I had an unwanted and very unexpected visitor. I did not allow them to do what they wanted, take a look around the house with a camera. I did an emergency stealth job in less than 24 hours. I have come to the conclusion any exhaust fans have to be stealth or appear to be something else legitimate. What I was doing was going to be a little obvious something was up and these days, that is all they need to pull a warrant. If somehow this person is legally able to do what they requested, they will now find nothing out of the ordinary. It does complicate some things though. Too bad one cannot grow legally without risk of harassment. What they don't know, can't hurt me! I am going to keep it that way, I don't want anybody knowing anything.

As soon as I make some decisions, I will be showing the progress.


Just going to treat the grow as if it were illegal from now on. I can't help but to believe that growing legally, having a card is kind of a trick. It puts your guard down, makes you think you are safe, and that is not true, you are not safe. At least that is the way I feel.

My additional exhaust fan that needs to exhaust out of the house will be installed 100% stealth. When I make it to that point I will show how. At least I have until Spring to get it figured out!

That won't stop me from working on the 11 x 12 room and getting a decent veg area put in. Progress will be updated

Jul 19 2015
Very nice set up! We had a 11 x 13 room for veg and flower and it worked well. Removed the room for a couple reasons, hope to sell home and move. We vented out a window also, with no neighbors close to notice. Still was not happy with setup and will change vent next time.

Just now getting to view the blogs. Thanks

Jul 19 2015
Thanks for taking the time to look over the growroom blog. Not many have.I have to admit, you are correct. Even though I am now only exhausting out of one visible vent, which could be explained as a dryer vent without a doubt, even though it is through a window, I could put it out the wall if I wanted, I am just not satisfied. The temps are just fine. I have no complaints with the operation, it is the need for stealth that bothers me. (Trust me, I know!) There is a better way to vent, much better. I can't remember the proper name, but it is like a little steeple at the center of the roof pitch. Best would be to vent out that all through the attic with insulated flexible ducting, then up out the steeple at the center of the roof so there are no signs of a vent and you can choose any size fans you wish to use. I would have pictures and have it all done, but it just seems I have had to take care of everything else but the grow room. I am sure many can relate.

Jul 20 2015
Venting through the ridge vent would be the safest. At time I didn't want the hole through the drywall, good idea for next grow room. Kinda like venting a bathroom fan into the attic. I will read up on your other blogs soon.

Especially the rso extraction process. Plan on trying the rso this fall, so will have question later on.

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