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Each of the three fans are equipped with a speedster speed controller so I can adjust the cooling system to meet any temperature I desire by dialing up or down the fan cfm. Now the lights and cooling system are all working in harmony.
Speedster fan controller

Here is the electrical (it is not complete in this picture). The ballasts and the electrical are mounted in the crawlspace. I choose a 220 breaker that goes to a throw switch box which converts it to (2) 110 outlets with slow blow fuses.
Switch box

Here is my first test run with the closet, there are 12 plants in this picture, I typically only have 8 bigger ones flowering.
GGs Perpetual Grow 2000 Watt Closet 2-24-2010 (800x600)

Me and my babies in the closet.
Querkle left - Dr. Atomic BBJ right 2011_02210098

Some more from this closet.
Querkle in the back - Dr. Atomic BBJ in front 2011_02210038Querkle Feb 2011Querkle and me in the big closet

Sep 27 2014
I am going to be making some big changes to this closet-grow room. After running it for about 5 years now I have decided to focus my attention to my grow room since our politicians have chosen not to do their jobs. Actually they are doing the opposite of their job. They are blocking bills and preventing progress in the state of Michigan in my opinion.

I have given up on the idea of a larger grow. I shut down my smaller grow room and am confining my entire grow operation into one room. I was using two rooms. It was annoying using two rooms because I had to build a custom gate to block off the hallway and be lockable so I could be legal. (Enclosed, locked facility). Actually, I am kind of glad. I can't say I have ever truly mastered a full grow room. That is after 15 years of consistent growing. I am going to master it now. I am changing the entire ventilation and making it to where the grow room is completely attached to the house, but completely sealed from the house. It is great that I am removing the gate. My house is going to be more like a normal house. I can have visitors that would now have no clue that there is a grow room at all. I am going to have the option to vent air from my house and completely sealed to where it has no effect on the rest of the house. It will require the use of CO2 in the winter with the option of CO2 year round. I would have to add a portable air conditioner to do that though. I have done a lot of construction and made a lot of changes. It is not going to be easy to explain everything with photos and typing, but I will do my best. For now I am just going to show the hallway with the gate open. In the picture you can see a new door at the end of the hallway. It is an exterior door which is triple sealed. It helps with noise from the fans running in the grow room. It also helps with the grow room stink. If I have a bug problem, as long as I am not flowering, I can hang up some HotShotz and not be concerned about any of the poison making it into the rest of the house. Yet, if I choose, I can have the grow room vent through the house, pull all of the air from the house or no air from the house, all under my control. Double and triple sealed. I will explain more about this later.
hallway 9-27-14 058

My goal now is to completely master my entire grow in an 11' x 12' room and use all of the space available to the best of my abilities.

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