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The vent above the two others is a 6" vent. It works the same way; it goes from the house, through the mini closet, but not into the flower closet. I decided to use just a regular vent damper that is in the grow room. On the interior of the house the vent is also sealed and closable. The purpose of the 6" venting system is so I can force air into the grow room from the house. I have a 6" HO can fan attached to it. One purpose for this is when it is sub zero weather and my flower closet lights are off, it gets cold in there. Now I can pump warm air into the room when needed. The 8" vents will allow the cold air to return to the interior of the house and relieve any pressure in the grow room. Also, the 6" fan can assist my flower closet exhaust system which is currently put together using (2) 6" HO Can Fans. I need all three vents because I plan on adding one more fan for exhaust and air exchange, either or. I don't have that hooked up yet.
vent tubing 9-27-14 078vent tubing 9-27-14 077

During construction
exhaust 9-27-14 062

It is not that pretty. On the inside of the grow room, here is what the vents look like. When it is all said and done I will have some finish work done to the drywall. (Textured mud)

I will try to explain the vents. On the upper right is one of three vents that I mention in the original entry so the flower closet can breathe naturally. The vents I want to point out, at the very top is an 8" vent with damper and a fan attached. Below that is a 6" vent with damper and fan attached. Below that is two more 8" vents with no fan attached.
return-exhaust 9-27-14 060

Here is another picture of the exterior door. Kind of camouflage from inside the house. This picture is from inside the grow room.
in room 9-27-14 064

Now for inside the flower closet. The (2) 6" HO fans simply exhaust right outside from an old window which is boarded up. I have decided to remove the lower 6" exhaust from the flower room because the tubing is blocking light from the plants and consuming useable space. This is where it gets to be not so pretty, again, not going for looks as much as function. It is not complete in this picture but shows the general idea what I am doing. The fan is mounted outside of the flower closet now and exhausts above the room air conditioner with a basic vent damper. Another purpose of doing this is in the really cold months I can detach the exhaust and pump the warmed air into the grow room and there will no exhausting going on at all. That is when I am going to start using CO2.
can fan in room 9-27-14 087CO2 9-27-14 066

The CO2 regulator box has a misprint. It shows that the unit has a 1-year warranty, but the manufacture offers a 3-year warranty according to Growco Indoor Garden Supply.

As you can see, in the picture with the fan exhausting above the air conditioner, there is an additional damper set up. That is going to be for one more 6" fan hooked up in a similar fashion that can exhaust or exchange air from the closet to the grow room. The purpose of doing that is to keep the temperatures balanced. I want the grow room and flower closet temperatures to be as close as possible. When I get that fan hooked up it will solve a problem. At night or during lights off, I like to leave the air exchange running to help prevent mold. The problem with the 8" fan is when I turn the controller all the way down the fan stops running, just not enough power. I do not have that issue with the 6" fans. All in all, I will be able to reduce the airflow during lights off. If I choose to plug it in to the damper at the AC, I can also increase the exhaust capabilities, which will make it to where I will be able to run the AC less often.

I have a long way to go. This stuff can get quite expensive, it adds up fast. To make it even more difficult, most of this work can only be done when the plants are not flowering. I do not want any construction debris getting on the flowers. As soon as I can I will be adding more details of the progress. I am hoping to have the flower closet completed within 2 or 3 months. It will take me a lot longer than that to complete the entire grow room. For veg growth I do not currently have anything special. Just tables with fluorescent lights hanging over them. Need to make some upgrades to that area too. I will post those improvements here as they get done.

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