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Naturally Decarbed Buds/Flowers - Alternative To Decarbed Concentrates

November 19, 2014
Well, since I stumbled upon naturally decarbed concentrated cannabis oil, I wanted to try some buds that should be naturally decarbed. I had some that had been stored for about 4 months, at room temperature, in a sealed jar, in the dark. It may have been stored a bit longer than 4 months. I had been meaning to do it, but got a bit lazy about it since I enjoy the oil so much. With the naturally decarbed oil it makes it even more difficult. I will discuss the naturally decarbed oil in a future entry. 

Anyway, the reason why it is so difficult for me to do the bud test is that, since I have been taking the naturally decarbed oil, it will take at lesat 3 days for me to clean up. With RSO, it only takes a day or two. Even though the oils are similar in potency, for some reason the naturally decarbed oil seems to last twice as long as the RSO.

So, I cleaned up now for a good three days. It has been painful to say the least, but, I need to know. My first day eating the decarbed buds, I only ate a joints worth. I rolled a good size joint of strawberry cough, cut it into four pieces, and swallowed each piece after forming it into a pill size ball of sorts, and swallowed it with a gulp of water. Nothing really happened right away. About 4 or so hours later, I felt a buzz creeping up then hit me kind of hard. It faded and I went to bed not sure if it was still effects from the oil or from ingesting the buds. I told myself I would know the next day for sure.

The next day: I ate about the same size joint in the same manner, same strain, SC. I was surprised I think I had a little buzz in the morning when I woke up. I believe it was lingering effects from the joint I ate the day before. Not 100% positive though. So, after eating my joint in the morning, again, I felt a stronger buzz come up and hit me three hours later. It was certainly from the buds. That is just eating a joint. It is now 7:30 pm, I ate the joint at about 7:00 am, and I am still feeling the buzz. This SC that I rolled my joints with is some of my top shelf buds. It is four months old. I am guessing I will still feel the effects in the morning like I did from the joint the day before.

I am kind of surprised, but it does make sense. A maintenance dose of the ND Sap oil lasts about 24 hours, sometimes longer, and that would be about a joint's worth of bud. So It would make sense that a joint worth of bud would offer the same quality of buzz that the oil does, or at least around the same potency.

First impression: I prefer the ND Sap. I am not sure if I prefer the RSO or decarbed bud yet. It will take another day or two of sampling.

If the bud does last 24 hours, one joint worth, I would have to say it is more medicinal than RSO in my opinion. The buds should contain all of the medicinal properties. Unlike most oils, the bud will contain the red oil which is water soluble. Who knows what medicinal properties are in the red oil.

This red oil is not in RSO or ND Sap, but it is in the bud that I have been eating.

Shot glass with frozen red oil

Red oil after water evaporated out

Now I am not saying to try to manage cancer with buds instead of RSO. I have no idea if decarbed buds would be as effective. What I am saying is ingesting decarbed buds looks promising. Whether it is for preventative maintenance or simply pain relief, also, legal reasons (MI COA ruling deeming concentrates and medibles illegal (in my opinion it is not legal for them to say that, not going to discuss why, but just what I believe))  In late 2016 this law changed, concentrates and medibles are now legal in Michigan. Either way, I think the naturally decarbed buds is a great alternative to concentrates, or just to simply get an idea of what ingesting concentrates would be like.

A couple of things I can point out that I have noticed. A couple of my strains are better smoked or eaten after they have naturally decarbed (4 months stored, nice and dry, sealed in a jar for 120 days). The strains seem to have more flavor, better tasting when it comes to smoking or just smelling the aroma from the open jar. Another thing I have noticed over the last couple of days from eating the bud is it seems to have sped up my metabolism. My first impression, could just be that it is something new. Not sure yet.

So far eating naturally decarbed buds seems to be a great alternative and a great way to sample the effects of concentrates.

Give it a few days of ingesting the decarbed buds before making a full or even partial assessment of its worth. I for one have learned that the hard way. Patience pays off in most cases.

This should be a 100% legal way to use cannabis as an edible medication in MI. If not, I don't see anything other than a 100% deliberate entrapment.

Think of all of the possibilities of how one could use the naturally decarbed buds. Put some in a grinder and sprinkle it over pizza. Sprinkle some on a brownie and cover the ground bud with frosting. The possibilities are endless.

In my opinion, any heat, such as oven, dehydrate, microwave, sunlight, etc. accelerates the loss of the medicinal properties of the buds.

Some strains may require a higher quantity than others to feel the effects. Remember, it can take up to 4 hours. 

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