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Tga Space Dawg

Posted September 15, 2012
I decided to try TGA SpaceDawg and will also try a few other TGA strains in the near future, due to Subcool's generosity and the awesome results I had with Querkle and with the Qush that I received for free to do a test grow.
1. Space Dawg Seed Pack 2012_04120002

I don't have much space and have a gazillion things I should be working on rather than more strains. I just could not wait, so I germinated only two seeds of the SpaceDawg. Both seeds germinated within two days.
2. Germinating Space Dawg  2012_071000433. Germinating Space Dawg  2012_07100044

Here they are sprouting in 12 ounce cups with my own organic soil mixture.
4. Sprouts Space Dawg 2012_07100051

After sprouting, I put a sandwich baggie over each cup. Within a week, I will cut the corners of the baggies off. About a week after that, I remove the baggies completely. I have found that when doing this it greatly increases the odds of the plants becoming female by reducing stress. Also, a minimum of 12 ounce cup is required to reduce stress. So far by using these methods, it has kept my female percentage to well above 80%.
5. Baggie for tent Space Dawg 2012_071300016. 12 oz cups Space Dawg 2012_07210004

When I did the TGA Qush test grow I only germinated two seeds and ended up with two females and two different phenotypes.

Here the SpaceDawg are transplanted into small flower pots. You can clearly see that one is short and one is tall. So far it looks like I have two different phenotypes.
7. 5 weeks Space Dawg 2012_081400208. 5 weeks Space Dawg 2012_08140021

When I last did the Qush, both plants looked similar to these SpaceDawg plants, one was tall and the other short. However, each Qush were completely different after flowering. I wonder if it will be the same with SpaceDawg.

Getting close to identifying pre-flowers. I leave the veg lights on 24/7. I am only using fluorescent tubes for vegging.
9. 7 weeks Space Dawg 2012_0914000210. 7 weeks Space Dawg 2012_09140001

The plants have been identified. They are both female.

These pictures are of the Qush pre-flowers. The SpaceDawg pre-flowers look the same. I would take pictures of the SpaceDawg pre-flowers, but my camera does not like to cooperate on close ups. The Qush close ups will have to suffice. The most important thing is that the SpaceDawg plants are female. Now we will keep our fingers crossed for no hermies!
Qush 1 preflower zoom  2012_02260002Qush 1 preflower 2012_02260004

SpaceDawg, getting close, I will be taking cuttings of each phenotype. As soon as the cuttings take root I will start flowering out the two SpaceDawg phenotypes (from seed) in my smaller 600W HPS closet. There will probably be one Qush and one Querkle in the closet as well. That will give me a flower closet full of TGA gear!
11. 10 weeks Space Dawg 2012_0914001712. 10 weeks Space Dawg 2012_0914001813. 10 weeks Space Dawg 2012_09140019

Unfortunately, they have suffered a bit of neglect due to my lack of space. I am sure they would be twice as big had I been able to give them each my full attention. I really did not want them grow too fast because my 600W closet is not air conditioned and I can only run it 6-8 months out of the year. The weather is getting cooler and I am ready to fire it up.

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