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August 7, 2014

I wanted to share this on my blogs. These are older pictures from when I used to run a live nature cam. Over 140 countries had viewed my nature cam. Sadly, the live broadcast came to an end due to inadequate internet service. I am still currently without adequate internet service to allow me to broadcast live.

I used a top of the line camera, AXIS 213 PTZ, an IP camera meant for broadcasting, with a heated outdoor enclosure. The camera was fully robotic, and was programmable to pan, tilt, and zoom to 20 different locations. I had thousands invested into the broadcasting and it broke my heart when it came to an end. I just wanted to show the world the abundant and incredible nature Michigan has to offer. In some of the images you will see my custom built bird feeding stations. The forest animals helped me design them. From the squirrels, to the raccoons, to the bears. I had to redesign them many times. The feeding stations are super heavy duty mostly due to the bears. Currently I am only using one bird feeding station and a custom box for the squirrels. I suppose you could say I downsized. After the Marijuana Law went into effect in Michigan, I gained a new hobby. All of the animals are still visiting and I keep the feeders full. Due to Michigan law changes regarding feeding for nature viewing I had to make some changes with my platform feeder. I had to raise it higher than 5 feet. My nature feeding and viewing complies to Michigan Law. I give all the credit to the animal proof bird feeders. There are usually only one or two families of deer around until winter sets in. That is when they herd up and visit the bird feeders daily.

Most people don't realize that Michigan has flying squirrels. I have even caught a couple pictures of a black bear, a good 6 feet tall, and at least 300 pounds!!

I will be adding some more here soon. What you see in the slideshows is what I see nearly every day depending on the season. I don't get out much aside from working. All the animals here have really become like friends. There are thousands of creatures here and they all know me well. I have thousands of pictures. Just went through some of them quickly to put together the slideshows. The live camera ran for just over 2 years. If I could have kept it running, and had quality internet, it would be one of the world's best nature cams!

All the pictures were taken on my sanctuary, and most with my live camera. It has been a few years since they were taken. All of the images in the slideshows can be found in my photo gallery: The animal images are near the end pages of the album

Some bird pictures.


Some forest animal pictures.

This image is a black bear standing at one of my feeders.
bear (640x480)

New from June 12, 2016 taken with cell phone
Black Bears 20160612 043Black Bears 20160612 045Black Bears 20160612 047


Miscellaneous stuff in my sanctuary. Have a lot of pudding stones around my area. A lot of gravel and boulders.


Some of the trees and fall colors on my sanctuary. A lot of the trees are a good 100 foot tall. There is no way that I would ever have it logged. I like it all natural.



 I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek into my nature sanctuary.

 Here is another video where the pictures were taken on the sanctuary, but indoors. My Qush Test Grow for TGA.


 Have a great day! God bless.

September 13, 2014

Love love love! GG you are friends with me on FB and on MMMA,we live in the country too. Feel free to see some of my pics of our beautiful state. I got some great ones of Turkey Buzzards that nested in an old shack last year. When to enlarge them,you will be amazed,these birds are awesome.

September 14, 2014
Hey, post a message to me on my FB timeline. Then I will remember which FB friend you are, It's the oil I swear! LOL Seriously though, it does cause some short term memory loss.


January 18, 2015
Here is a video I would like to add to my nature blog. It is a great old school video about Michigan. My reason for adding it is because of the legendary Spikehorn Meyers from Michigan. My nature sanctuary and my home came with some artifacts of Spikehorn. Like his "bear cane" made out of some very exotic wood. He was a nature freak who's homestead was very near me. I believe the original owner of my home was close friends with Spikehorn, who was also mentioned in a book about Spikehorn. The names and artifacts found here all correspond with the book.

Maybe I have caught a little bit of the same disease Spikehorn had!! The love of nature and the bears.

Either way, this video is worth the watch!


June 20, 2015






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