Dr. Atomic Blueberry Jam Strain Review

Posted November 18, 2012

Dr. Atomic Blueberry Jam is the second designer seed strain that I have grown.

I germinated 4 seeds, each ended up being a different phenotype, and all came out female. Each phenotype looked the same until flower stage. The plants were very short and stocky, and all had very puffy large buds. After drying, a 1/2 ounce looks like an ounce, the patients really like that. Each of the phenotypes were all very different from each other when it came to taste and appearance of the finished buds.

I seem to have been lucky with this one. One of the phenotypes I grew was the right one, a keeper. It is more potent, has great smell and taste of blueberry jam, the aroma is very strong, and is capable of producing large yields. The flower time on the phenotype I kept is about 9 weeks and gave me some of the best buds I have ever had.

On the bad side, the strain is very finicky. I have the best luck growing it under 400W HPS. It can be very difficult to harvest at just the right time to keep the aroma and taste just right. There is a large variety of phenotypes that are lower in quality in regards to potency and taste. The other phenotypes that I did not keep, required a much longer flowering time, at least 10 weeks. This strain can be difficult to obtain the correct phenotype and can be very difficult to grow under 1000W lights.

This strain is decent for making concentrates, however, it is a little heavy on the amount of chlorophyll it releases. It is a great plant for topping, it stays short and fills in like a scrog, without actually setting it up for a scrog grow. This plant is equally great not topping it too.

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