4-G (Bag Seed)

Posted November  21, 2012

4-G aka Goddess Grown Green Gold, is a strain I found in some bag seed. I have probably grown about 100 female strains from bag seed, only when it was of high quality, imported, outdoor grown pollinated buds.

In the beginning of growing from bag seed, the results were great. By far, the best strains I have ever seen came from bag seed. Unfortunately, I did not keep any cuttings from the best strains that I had seen. The newer bag seed at that time, is when I started seeing deformities and such. I believe that was due breeding and people doing outdoor grows with designer seeds.

4-G was a little above average on my bag seed strains. I have been growing it for about 8 years now from cuttings. My old seeds got mixed up with the newer ones so I stopped growing from bag seed. You couldn't get good bag seed anymore, at least that I was aware of. I was curious anyway of what the designer seeds had to offer. Which, I have tried some out, and it has been fun. 4-G does compare to some of the best designer seeds available. Obviously, it is clone only. There may even be a few clones of it floating around too.

I always grew 4-G under 400W HPS lights. After trying to grow it under 1000W HPS, I learned that this plant is very picky of its lighting. I am still trying new types of bulbs to accommodate the plants wants and needs. I have also learned that temperature during lights off has a big impact on its quality. My new 2000W closet was built on an outside wall so it can get quite cold during lights off in the winter months. I learned the hard way but have solved the problem using an air exchange fan to keep the temperature balanced. My 400W closet was on inside walls so it did not have the cold issue. Some of the strains I grow do not have negative issues with the cool temps.

4-G produces a medium yield. It is a tall stretchy plant. Has an 8 week flower time. I believe it to be a hybrid indica dominant type strain. Very tasty and potent.

Another quality to note is that when using 99% isopropyl alcohol, 4-G makes a very clean concentrate unlike any other strain. This strain is worth keeping just for that reason. 

Raw 4-G QWISO extract, naturally golden and clear. 

4-G QWISO sample ready to winterize 3-29-14 050

4-G Fresh Harvest 2012_052200124-G Fresh Harvest 2012_052200104-G fresh harvest 2012_052200074-G Feb 2012_02130004

4-G 2012_021300074G 11-2010 -0554G




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