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This  website has been developed to provide information regarding the medicinal properties of marijuana as well as information concerning  healthy living.

I became a Michigan Medical Marijuana Program caregiver in 2009. I, like many others in my state, had somewhat of a head start when it came to indoor gardening. Having had many years of experience before the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program was enacted into law, it only made sense for me to get involved. Even with having the indoor gardening experience,  I have learned a lot since then. Not only about the  medicinal properties and use of marijuana, but also about living a more healthy lifestyle.

We are not medical professionals, and are not offering any medical advice. The information provided is primarily our  opinions and experiences since becoming involved with medical  marijuana. 

This website is dedicated to anyone who has, is, or knows someone who is battling a debilitating disease, such as cancer.

We do not sell anything and do not encourage any illegal activities.

If you are a patient residing in Michigan and need an application for the Michigan Medical  Marijuana Program, you can download them from the Applications/Forms page.

All are welcome and encouraged to use the live chat. Feel free to post links to pictures or other websites in the live chat box.

The Blogs link will take you to different topics discussing Marijuana Strain Reviews, Experiences with Cannabis Oil and Cancer, Concentrated Cannabis Oil, Holistic Medicine, Herbatology, Aroma Therapy, Natural Organic Dietary Supplements, Wildlife and Nature, Prepping for Disasters, and more.

We encourage you to take a look at the video “Busted: The Citizens Guide  to Surviving Police Encounters” which can be located on the Videos link,  you may find this information very useful.

At this time we are reorganizing this website to bring the most complete and up to date information to you.

Keep checking back for more.
September 12, 2017



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